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Quack Face Dog Muzzle

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34.99 $34.99

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It was developed from the voice of wanting a quick for a nose pecha, such as a French bulldog or a pug, or for a cat.
Since it covers around the face, please familiarize yourself with the dogs and cats who are not good at it.
Because metal fittings are not used, there is no risk of damage or rust due to metal fatigue.

Recommended for such situations

Since the facial expressions of pet dogs and cats can be seen when they are worn, they have gained support from veterinarians for support during outpatient care and body care.

Point of size selection

  • Measurearound thehead.
  • Measure the depth of the muzzle from the root of thedepthmouth.

* Since it is a product that is used in close contact, measure the head exactly, please choose a slightly tighter size

Wearing method

Please make sure that there are no abnormalities such as hitting the eyes when wearing.

Size spec table

Size / compatible dog breeds Around the head Depth mass   Color development Material
For quack®face S sizecat outpatient support About 24cm About 5cm 70g   Pink light brown Body: Silicon (China) 
Band: Polypropylene, 
Cord stopper, cord end: POM, 
Button: Nylon resin
quack®face M-size pug, Pekingese, shortsire speciessuch as Boston Terrier About 30cm About 9cm 150g   Red green
quack®faceshortsnoutsuch asL sizeFrench bulldog About 40cm About 13cm 225g   Pink light brown

* Applicable dog breeds are a guide only. In order to use it effectively, please measure the size of your dog's mouth and back of the head correctly and select the optimal size beforehand.


Before use

  • ● Be sure to check for damage before use.
  • ● When using, please tighten the band firmly and make sure it is properly attached. If it comes off, it may cause injury or an accident, so please refer to the mounting method described separately and attach it securely.
  • ● If you are not used to it, you may get violent or try to remove it. Please gradually get used to it.

How to care

  • ● Wash off dirt without rubbing with water or lukewarm water.

Precautions for use

  • ● This product temporarily prevents dog bites and bites, and is not intended for any other purpose.
  • ● Be careful if your dog has a bite. If a broken piece is swallowed, consult a veterinarian immediately.
  • ● Do not use when your dog is excited or when the room temperature / temperature is high.
  • ● Please keep an eye on your dog as there is an unexpected accident during use.
  • ● Do not use for a long time as it may cause stress on your dog.
  • ● If dripping or sweat adheres, wipe it off frequently.
  • ● Do not pull the band part strongly.
  • ● If exposed to direct sunlight or wet with water, it may be discolored, deformed or deteriorated.
  • ● Store in a safe place where no loss, damage or accident occurs.
  • ● Be careful not to bite your fingers while wearing.
  • ● The expiration date varies depending on the usage, but if scratches start to appear, replace them immediately with new ones to prevent accidents.
  • ● Please note that we are not responsible for accidents caused by incorrect usage.

JAN code / product code

quack®face S size
pink 4904771 110592 / OT-668-012-7
light brown 4904771 110585 / OT-668-012-4
quack®face M size
Red 4904771 108858 / OT-668-022-2
green 4904771 108865 / OT-668-022-1
quack®face L size
pink 4904771 110615 / OT-668-032-7
light brown 4904771 110608 / OT-668-032-4

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