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Qi compatible smartphone holder

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Quick overview

39.99 $39.99

Instead of dorareko! Qi compatible wireless charging with smartphone holder app


No need to plug in the cable! Qi wireless charging compatible smartphone holder with dorareko app.

If you want to fix your smartphone in a car, charge it, or use it as a dorareko!

So this! Smartphone holder that can be charged with Qi, and with a dedicated dorareko app, you can use your smartphone as a drive recorder right away!

Simply open the car door and place it in the holder to start charging.

If you attach the holder to the windshield, you can use it as a drive recorder using a special application.

Charge immediately after opening the door

Charge immediately after opening the door

Isn't it a hassle to plug in the cable each time you charge your smartphone?

If you have a smartphone that can be charged wirelessly, why don't you want to easily charge it when you travel in a car?

Since this product is compatible with Qi charging, you can start charging by placing a smartphone in the holder.

Open the car door and set it in the holder. You can charge your smartphone in just 2 steps.

The holder can be installed either on the dashboard or on the windshield.

Since it is a USB power supply type, it can be used by connecting to a USB cigar socket charger (sold separately).

You can change the angle around 360 degrees.

Adjustable to your preferred angle

There is a dedicated dorareko app

There is a dedicated dorareko app

Don't you think it would be useful to use your smartphone as a dorareko?

A dorareco app is included with this product. It can be installed on each iPhone / Android.

It is equipped with a variety of functions that are not inferior to ordinary dorareko, such as location information, speed display, and voice recording.

Because it uses the camera function of the smartphone, of course the image quality is excellent.

Use as a simple dorareko

Simple dorareco

The video of the drive recorder is used as evidence when it meets the driving and accidents reported in the news.

Now you need a drive recorder when you get in the car. However, if there is no dorareko or if you can only shoot before, there is a possibility that you will fail to shoot.

So, simply use your smartphone as an auxiliary drive with this holder and app. If there is a dorareko of the type that can only be photographed in front, the holder can be installed at the rear and used as a rear camera, or for in-car photography.

Size details

Qi compatible smartphone holder with dorareko app size details


Width 65 x Height 75 x Depth 28 (mm)
Holder, 2 fixed sheets, cable clip, USB cable (95cm), wet sheet, dry sheet, QR code card, Japanese manual
Power supply
Powered from USB (please use at least 2A)
Corresponding size
Width 62-85mm, thickness up to about 13mm
5V / 2A
Wireless output
Android: 10W iPhone: 7.5W
App requirements
Android: 4.2 or higher iPhone: iOS 8.0 or higher
About the app * Operations may change depending on the app development company. Our support does not accept support for apps. Please note. 
* Operation is not guaranteed for HUAWEI smartphones. 
* One QR code on the card can be used on iPhone (APP store) and one Android (Google play). Please note that the second and subsequent units will be limited free versions. QR codes cannot be reused. Please be careful not to lose the card. 

* This product does not have a built-in battery. 
* Items other than those listed are not included. 
* Please keep and use out of reach of children. 
* Do not drop or give a strong impact. 
* Do not disassemble. 
* Any damage to the product caused by using this product is not covered by the compensation. 
* Do not store or use near high temperature / humidity / fire. 
* If the product is overheated, abnormal sound, or smell, please stop using it immediately and contact our support center. 
* Specifications are subject to change without notice for improvement.
Package size
W80 x H105 x D50 (mm)
Package weight
Warranty period
6 months
Release date

* Specifications are subject to change without notice for improvement.

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