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PROIDEA High Tone Trainer

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When I sing a song I admire in karaoke, I lower it from the original song key because there is no treble ...

Recently, the number of online business talks and meetings has increased, but I'm being asked back because I can't speak.

I would like to recommend the high-pitched training goods "High Tone Trainer" for such problems.

"High tone trainer" is a mouthpiece that leads to a throat form that is effective for training to make a high voice, and you can easily train by holding it in your mouth for about 3 minutes.

It makes it easier to utter high-pitched sounds in a song. The voice is bright and easy to pass even in everyday conversation. Why don't you start voice training based on professional theory?

I'm worried about the muffled voice and low voice of both songs and stories.

In the "Questionnaire Survey on Singing Trouble / Speaking Trouble" (* 1) conducted by Proidea, 30.6% of the respondents ranked "No high voice" for their singing worries. It went up.

In addition, regarding concerns about speaking voice, "low voice, thin", "bad tongue", "well heard back", "voice is stuck", etc. ranked in at almost the same rate.

* 1: 2019 Voice Trouble Questionnaire Singing Trouble / Speaking Trouble

A singer who can maintain a voice that always passes well and a voice that can produce a good high range may have a difference in how to use the muscles and parts to make a voice. On the other hand, the reason why it cannot be maintained is that the vocal cord muscles and the muscles around the vocal cords are weakened due to aging and lack of practice.

With that in mind, we have planned training items that even the general public can work on under the supervision of a professional voice trainer.

Supervised by a professional voice trainer. Soft palate pulling method that makes it easier to make high voices

Yoko Yamada, Representative of Music School "Studio Vibes"

He started playing the piano and vocal music from an early age, and while he was a student at Tokyo College of Music, he studied activities as a singer and muscle function of vocalization. After that, he also made a major debut in a rock band from Sony Music. After working as a professional singer in jazz, opera and rock, he researched a more specific and physical vocal method that is applicable to all genres, based on American muscle function therapy (MFT). We continue to develop and teach. To date, he has over 5,000 one-on-one teaching experiences.

The "soft palate" is located in the upper back of the inside of the mouth and is the part that is pushed up when yawning. Compared to ordinary people, professional singers tend to have a wider range of movement of the soft palate as well as the range of movement of the vocal folds and the muscles around the vocal folds. The ability to raise the soft palate to a certain height and the ability to maintain it is considered to be an important factor for reasonable high-pitched vocalization.

Vocal training in an ideal form with the soft palate pulled up and the throat open vertically was the basis of vocalization, and by physically maintaining such a "yawning" form, vocal training was difficult. Makes it easier to grasp the knack of raising the soft palate. Moreover, because the training does not speak, you can prevent throat problems.

(* Raising the soft palate is not the only training that produces high-pitched sounds. There are other methods. Please understand this as one factor for balancing.)

Therefore, over the course of two years, we devised a mouthpiece-type device that allows the general public to easily train the ideal "yawn" form.

The soft palate is UP just by adding it to anyone! Easy voice training to support treble

It fits correctly to the push-up point of the soft palate just by adding it.

[Basic usage]

● Place the upper teeth on A and the lower teeth on ①.

● Keep the spherical part ③ raised for 3 minutes so that it does not touch the soft palate as much as possible.

The basic usage is to keep the ball that hits the soft palate for 3 minutes so that it does not hit as much as possible. (At the same time, raise the eyebrows)

We also verified the effect with 10 subjects!

* Verification organization: Japan Acoustic Research Institute

After using the high tone trainer for 3 minutes, the upper limit of the range increased by 2.6 to 2.9 on average for 10 subjects, the lower limit decreased by 1.3 to 2.3, and the range expanded by 3.9 to 5.2 before and after use. I was able to confirm that it was there. (Think of the range value as the number of keys including the half range)

* The above is the result of 10 subjects, and the effect is not guaranteed.

In particular, there was little room for expanding the range for subjects (subjects 6-10) who were originally voice-trained and had singing ability, and conversely, the range expansion was more pronounced for those who were not accustomed to speaking. Therefore, it can be said that the high tone trainer has the characteristic that beginners can maximize its effect.

With specifications and a special case that can be washed with peace of mind in terms of hygiene

Since it is integrally molded with silicone, it can be washed completely and is hygienic.

It comes with a special case and is safe to carry.

High tone training anytime, anywhere in the bath in your room

It's easy to carry and it's a simple 3-minute training that doesn't even require you to speak out, so you can train secretly anytime, anywhere while working or taking a bath.

It is also effective when used before a remote presentation.

Product specifications

Product name / High tone trainer

Material / Silicone

Product size / approx. 6.5 x 8.5 x 1.8 cm

Country of Origin: Japan

Message from the planner

[Initiative for development]

The reason for the development was that I saw the book "Voice Training 34, which improves singing without making a voice" by Mr. Yamada, a voice trainer, and I was very interested in contacting him. At that time, Mr. Yamada suggested the prototype of this high tone trainer, and I would like to make it because there is no voice training equipment that can produce such high-pitched sounds! It started from Mr. Yamada's passion.


It took about two years to get it into its current form. Since the size of the mouth varies from person to person, I had a lot of trouble with the shape and structure. It was a lot of work, but I think it became a unique product.


It's a dream-like product that allows you to make high-tone voices without making a voice. I myself love music, so I came here with passion. I hope you enjoy singing and speaking with the high tone trainer.


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