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Finally Smartphone & Tablet Printing Made Easy!     

No Printer Drivers to Install!

No Need to Email Documents to a PC in order to Print!

Mobile Professionals, Business Owners, Students or Anyone On-the-Go can print directly to an existing printer “Wherever They Are"

ImageTech’s year and half development has resulted in the innovative printWiFi™ & printUSB™, small portable printer controllers that can fit in your pocket. printWiFi & printUSB allows users of smart phones and tablets, such as the iPad or Android, to securely and accurately print documents to existing printers without having to buy a new printer or send documents to a PC to print. These easy to use and convenient products fill a major void when printing is needed from mobile devices!  Used with a free App printView®, downloadable from the Apple App and Google Play Stores, Mobile Users will be able to securely and accurately print directly to an existing printer:

  • No Downloading of Printer Drivers
  • No New Printer Required
  • No Emailing of Documents to be Printed by a PC
  • No Network Access Required 

printWiFi & printUSB allows mobile devices to securely and accurately print:

  • Contracts and other Legal Documents
  • Data Sheets and Presentations
  • Financial Documents
  • Homework or Assignments, Projects and Resumes
  • Receipts and Tickets
  • Photos and Images
  • And many other needed items  

Secure Mobile Printing for Everyone:

  • No Emailing of Confidential Documents
  • No Violating Confidential Information Policies 
  • No Theft of Personal Information or Corporate Data

Mobile Printing Easy as 1-2-3:

  1. Connect printWiFi or printUSB

  2. Open the document in printView

  3. Print

Background on Printing and Mobile Printing:

Over the last 30 years, printers have advanced drastically from black and white, poor quality, slow devices to high quality color devices with significant speed. However, what has not progressed is the need to install a printer driver in order to connect to the printer. When Smartphones were first introduced, there was no way to print from a mobile device. In fact, on some mobile devices a print command did not even exist. As people found more uses for their smartphones and tablets, the need to print became more and more essential.

Why You Need printWiFi & printUSB....

Since users take mobile devices with them wherever they go – they need to print “Wherever They Are”.

It is expected that 75% of Smart Mobile Device Users will want to print from their mobile devices.* If the mobile device is not compatible with the existing local printer they can't print!

This is further complicated by the need to have access of the WiFi network to which a compatible printer is connected. Mobile device users “On-the-Go”  may not be able to access the WiFi network at their destinations. Thus, it is unlikely to find a compatible printer on an accessible WiFi network.

Students often can't print from their new tablets to existing classroom printers or printers at home.

The Problem with the Current Mobile Printing Solutions:    

"They Aren’t Mobile!”

As a result, mobile devices are usually unable to print directly to printers. Documents, often confidential, must be emailed to a other people and have them print from their PC. If mobile users cannot share information with others, due to security reasons or don’t have email capability... they can’t print.

ImageTech's Mobile Printing Solutions:

ImageTech's development of patent pending technology has resulted in two innovative and effective products, printWiFi™ & printUSB™.  Small Mobile Printer Controllers which allow Smartphones and Tablets to securely and accurately print direct to existing printers. printWiFi & printUSB connect to an existing local printer via a USB connection. Most printers have USB interfaces on the back of the printer in addition to Ethernet or other network connections.

printWiFi provides a Hot Spot for Mobile Device printing: allowing up to 30 mobile devices to connect directly to printWiFi via its own WiFi signal.

People who don't need a WiFi connection from the mobile device may purchase the printUSB which, uses its USB connections for both the printer and mobile device. The phone's or tablet's USB Data/Charging cable is used to connect to the printUSB.

Technical Details

printWiFi and printUSB printer controllers are small compact devices with  rechargeable lithium-ion batteries, at 2 by 4 inches and only weighing 24 ounces, can easily fit in a briefcase, purse or pocket. printWiFi and printUSB support over 5,000 different printer models (see complete list at printWiFi provides an 802.11n WiFi access point allowing up to thirty simultaneous mobile devices to printer connections. Both printWiFi and printUSB have one USB-A connector for a mobile device, one USB-A connector for a printer and one Micro-USB connector for charging. The Micro-USB connector also allows a PC to use the printer connected to a printWiFi or printUSB. This is a typical configuration used in a home office or small business. printWiFi and printUSB ship with a USB Printer Cable and a Micro-USB Charging Cable.

A free printing App named printView will be downloadable from the Apple App or Google Play Stores. The printView App for the Smartphone and Tablet markets will initially support iPhone, iPad running iOS 7 or higher as well as Android Tablet and Phones running 2.3 or higher.

Apps for Windows Mobile, Surface and Surface Pro operating systems are also planned. printView allows for importing of documents from other Apps, email, camera roll, Dropbox and other Internet storage locations. printView allows for accurate document rendering (including Microsoft Office fonts, formats, headers/footers and pagination) before printing. printView can print to AirPrint printers as well as printers upgraded to support mobile printing by printWiFi or printUSB.

* IDC Multi-client Study, Mobile Device Users/Non-Users: Print, Scan, Document Management, March 2013

COPYRIGHT 2014 ImageTech Corp: printWiFi, printUSB printView and ImageTech are a registered trademarks of ImageTech Corp. All rights reserved. All intellectual property, including without limitation, trademarks and copyrights are the property of their respective owners and any unauthorized use thereof is strictly prohibited.

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