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Pop 'n Pour™ Beer Mug with Opener

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Quick overview

Pop 'n Pour Beer Mug Has a Bottle Opener on The Bottom Of ItEnlarge Image

Your days of searching for a bottle opener are over now that it's attached right to the bottom of the drinking vessel you will use to consume it. The Pop 'n Pour is a beer mug that has a bottle opener right on the bottom of it. Simply place the beer mug over your beer bottle, crack it open, and pour it right in the mug, plus the bottle opener is magnetic so the caps will stick right to it instead of dropping on to your floor. Never again will you have to spend hours searching within each drawer in your kitchen for a bottle opener driving you into full on insanity rage before you end up smashing the bottle neck over the counter and consume your beer with shattered glass bits inside of it.

The Pop 'n Pour beer mug is made from glass with a stainless steel bottle opener that's flush with the bottom of the glass, is hand wash only, and will hold up to 24 ounces of liquid (2 beers). Check out the Pop 'n Pour beer mug in action via the video below.

Pop 'n Pour Bottle Opener Beer Mug

Pop 'n Pour Bottle Opener Beer Mug

Pop 'n Pour Bottle Opener Beer Mug

Never search for a bottle opener again!

  • Easy, fun and convenient—your bottle opener is always at hand
  • Stainless-steel bottle opener is flush mounted to the bottom of the mug
  • Opener is also magnetic, so caps won't fall off after opening
  • Real glass mug holds 24 ounces—that's two beers

The handy way to open and enjoy your beer.
Easy-to-use, fun and convenient, Pop 'n Pour is an ingenious mug/opener combo that's always at hand when you and your friends are ready for an ice-cold beer. The stainless-steel opener is flush mounted to the bottom of a real 24-ounce glass mug just waiting for you to pop open and enjoy your beer.

How to Pop 'n Pour:

  • Grab your favorite cold brew
  • Pop with your mug, keeping bottle upright
  • Pour up to 24 ounces—that's two beers
  • Toss your cap from the bottom of the mug
  • Repeat as needed for you and your friends

CAUTION: Always open by moving the bottle, not the mug, to avoid unintended beer spillage.

Features & specs

  • Capacity: 24 oz
  • Material: glass
  • Stainless steel opener
  • Integrated magnet "grabs" bottle caps
  • Diamond cut pattern
  • Hand wash only

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