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PocketDrum - Portable Drum Set

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$179.99 $199.00

The PocketDrum is your personal, portable drumkit! Bluetooth-enabled drumsticks connect to our AeroBand App and allow you to add rhythm to your life, anywhere you go. Learn the basics of rhythm, jam freely, or play along with the app, all without the burden of a full drumkit.



The PocketDrum is the perfect solution of professionals and amateurs alike. A Portable, Noiseless, practical pair of drumsticks that allow you to play and practice the drums anywhere you go. The Bluetooth enabled sticks to connect wirelessly to your AeroBand App, which gives you access to a CRASH CYMBAL, CLOSED HI-HAT, BASS DRUM, SNARE, and HIGH TOM, ( Cowbell and more Cymbals to come!).


PocketDrum is extremely easy to set up, with no camera or surface setup needed.

The highly reactive PocketDrum (latency of only 6ms) vibrates with each hit, with different vibrations based on the bounce of drum and force of the hit. The drums also deliver different sounds based on the force of the hit, allowing you to better control your dynamics.



Enjoy 10 hours of continuous play, with one battery charge, using three modes on your PocketDrum app including Tutorial, Free Mode, and Game Mode. Increase your skill anywhere, anytime with PocketDrum!

By learning and working with the musical and technological professionals, we want to provide you the most realistic sound & drumming experience when you use PocketDrum



A rhythmic LED beam corresponds with your playing and lights up each time your PocketDrum hits a drum. Like the vibrations, the lights will dynamically reflect the intensity of your drumming, glowing brighter when hit harder and less bright when played softly.


The PocketDrum vibrates differently for each drum and varies its intensity based on how hard you are playing. The harder or softer you play, the PocketDrum responds with a corresponding vibration, which allows you to better focus on the dynamics of your drumming.


Each drum is set to a different sound, CRASH CYMBAL, CLOSED HI-HAT, BASS DRUM, SNARE, and HIGH TOM, (Cowbell and more Cymbal to come!), so you know which drum you’re hitting and when. Each drum will also respond to the intensity at which you hit the drum.

PocketDrum only has a 6ms latency from when you hit the drum to when the sound is triggered. This is 76.6% lower than all other competitors. What this means is that PocketDrum feels like the real thing!


Check out the professional drumming starting at TIME[4:03]!



We achieve our technology though our specific Inertial AI chip and our unique space calculating algorithm. These core technologies make PocketDrum be able to capture your movement in 3-dimensional space with accuracy and know exactly which drum you are drumming at and how hard you drum so that PocketDrum could bring you the real and instant vibration feedback that boosts your virtual drumming experience to the next level!




Follow the rhythms provided to get comfortable with drumming. The perfect start point for non-drummers, find the rhythm that's in us all!


Create your own rhythms and play to the beat of your own drum!


Game time! Test your ability to follow the beat, challenge your friends in a vs. mode, and share your score online.

Game time, beat your friends on speed and accuracy!







A whole set comes with:
✔ 2 PocketDrum Sticks | ✔ Charger | ✔ Wrist Lanyard | ✔ Stick Case
| ✔ Instruction Manual | ✔ Medal card

The team includes 3 full-time hardware developers, one hardware project manager who has 10 years experience, four software developers, and one product manager who strictly controls the product quality. Besides our team, we have thousands of fans who were attracted by our first product, PocketGuitar, who provide useful suggestions from the users’ aspect, helping the PocketDrum become better.


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