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Plus Placenta Moisture Mask

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13.99 $13.99

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 Frequently Asked Questions for Plus Placenta Moisture Mask
Q. "Smell" will be done even though it is a product with no fragrance
A. Some fragrance cosmetic products seem to be odorless, but because they do not incorporate fragrances aiming to keep the odor of raw materials, depending on the product, those that feel the original odor of raw materials such as moisturizing ingredients and oils There is also.
Q. "Smell" is slightly different from the item received last time
A. Because we stick to raw materials of natural origin, there may be differences in the scent of the raw material itself depending on the manufacturing time. Therefore, it is difficult to make everything identical throughout the year, but there is absolutely no problem regarding quality.
Product name PLuS / Plus center moisture mask
Contents amount 35 bags per bag 
* It is not bag-packed for each mask, 35 masks are all included in the sealed bag.
All components Water, DPG, glycerin, BG, ascorbyl phosphate Mg, hydrolyzed silk, placenta extract, water soluble proteoglycan, squalane, platinum, hyaluronic acid Na, water soluble collagen, aloe vera leaf extract, chlorella extract, cucumber extract, human oligopeptide - 1, polysorbate 80, PEG-60 hydrogenated castor oil, xanthan gum, mannitol, ethylhexyl glycerin, Na anisate, citric acid, Na citrate, capryloylglycine, phenoxyethanol
■ Usage Notes
  • If it does not fit your skin, please stop using it immediately.
  • If you are allergic and atopic person please do not use.
  • If you feel unusual on your skin during use, stop immediately and receive a doctor's diagnosis.
  • Please do not use on the eyeball and the mucous membrane part of the eye.
  • Please do not put it on the use to an infant, or where it can reach.
  • For sanitary, please do not use mask once used.
  • Always close the chuck properly after use.
  • Please keep at room temperature avoiding direct sunlight.
  • After opening, please use as soon as possible.
Expiration date The expiration date will depend on the preservation status, but it will be around 2 years in an unopened state. 
Although you can use it for 2-3 months after opening, please use it as soon as possible as soon as possible.
■ Selling agency Style Create Co., Ltd. 0120-139-012
■ Category / Advertisement censure Cosmetics / Style Create Co., Ltd. 0120-139-012
Country of manufacture Japan

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