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PlayMonster - Chrono Bomb Night Vision

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$19.99 $29.99

Chrono Bomb Night Vision
chrono bomb, night vision, active game
chrono bomb game, beat the clock, race

Play it during the day, and then turn the lights off later and use the night vision for extra fun!

It's a super secret spy mission game!

Use the included clamps and long, 37-ft. string to create a “laser” field to crawl through. At the end of the maze is the bomb, counting down…tick, tick, tick! So, you have to hurry, carefully, and make it to the end to defuse the bomb and be the hero! Play over and over again, building new courses each time or trying to beat your or your friend’s time!

Fun game that gets kids up and moving!

This game can't be played sitting at the table! You have to get up and move!


  • REEL CLAMP with over 37 feet of string to create the "laser" field
  • 4 STANDARD CLAMPS to configure and hold your "laser" field string
  • SENSOR & SENSOR CLAMP to detect any movement or vibration of the string
  • "BOMB" with timer and countdown
  • UV LIGHT GOGGLES to wear in the dark and make the string glow!
  • 10 CARDS for added game play
  • Note: Requires 6 AAA batteries (3 in bomb, 3 in goggle), not included
chrono bomb set up coursechrono bomb set your timechrono bomb night visionchrono bomb defuse

Set up your "laser field"--it can be different each time you play!

Easily place the clamps and string however you want!

Choose how long you have to make it through the "laser field" to stop the bomb!

Decide how much of a challenge you want to make it! Keep in mind...if you touch the string as you play and weave your way through, time will speed up!

Play with the light on or off!

Use the night vision goggles to illuminate the string if you want to play in the dark for a super secret adventure! Easily play with the lights on, too--with or without the cool goggles!

Defuse the bomb and save the day!

Hurry through the "laser field" to make it to the bomb and stop the countdown! How quickly did you make it through?!

Can you beat the bomb?

It's fantasy play to the extreme, kids (and adults) pretend to be secret agent spies and maneuver through a string 'laser field' to make it to the bomb in time to save the day.

Playing Chrono Bomb is fun, exciting, and keeps you on your toes. Set it up differently for a new game each time, or just try to get through your favorite setup quicker.

String simulates a laser field!

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Everything you need to create your string 'laser field'

You get clamps, string, the ticking bomb, gear cards to collect, and rules with a link to a setup video. Just add three AAA batteries.

Make it difficult or easy, switch it up as often as you want!

Attach the clamps to sturdy items around your home, and weave the string through them. Go high, go low, and have fun!

It's da bomb!

It's easy to play, and you can use the practice mode to start. Once you're ready for a real spy mission, set the timer and go!

Your Mission:

Cross the string 'laser field' to defuse the bomb and save the day.

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Don't forget the cards

Scatter the mission and gear cards in your playing area, and you have to gather them all before you reach the bomb.

Set it up differently each time you play!

Set the timer on the bomb, and then make your way through the string 'laser field' but don't bump the string, or time will count down faster. Hurry to defuse the bomb. You can race your friends, or just try to beat your best time.

Really get into the spy theme

Add this game to your spy-themed party, dress up and take the fantasy further, and just have fun.

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