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The Cordon Development Labs are constantly evolving Pinć to prepare the product for manufacturing & distribution. Cordon utilizes an agile methodology to develop both software and hardware in a rapid prototype process which allows our team to quickly iterate and evolve the product. Above is a snapshot of the latest prototype from the team the week of December 11th 2015. By incorporating fresnel lenses from our manufacturing partner, we were able to shave off a significant 4mm or 23% off the thickness of the product.

Being an independent company, Cordon is seeking support from backers to help bring Pinć to market with development in several key areas:








Can I Use PinćVR with other mobile VR apps?

Yes, PinćVR as a VR HMD (Head-Mounted Display) works with all standard mobile VR applications that support stereoscopic vision for both iOS & Android. Please note that the Pincher gesture control rings only work with applications designed for Pinć therefore may not be accessible from standard VR apps.

Is PinćVR Compatible with Google Cardboard SDK & apps?


Yes, PinćVR is a compatible Google Mobile VR HMD. However Google Cardboard applications must have PinćVR support to take advantage of Pincher gesture control rings.


Device Support & Sizes

Pinć is available in 2 sizes, standard & XL. The standard size supports smartphones with screens from 4.5” to 5.1” The XL version supports phones with screens 5.2” to 6.0”. Thickness varies based on smartphone thickness, however each optical bay is exactly 7mm in thickness, therefore to predict the overall thickness of your case add the total thickness of your smartphone plus an extra 7mm. Backers will be required to submit their smartphone model prior to shipping.




How & why is PinćVR so thin?

PinćVR is a smartphone case first and foremost, therefore a slim form factor is critical in allowing maximum ergonomics and comfort when closed and paced in the pocket. PinćVR utilizes a different lens technology than another VR HMD (Head Mounted Display) to achieve lens thickness that is less than 2mm. PinćVR is the first commercially available VR platform to utilize fresnel lenses to achieve it’s world record footprint.

Will Pinć VR be comfortable?


PinćVR is designed to be the lightest, most flexible HMD available on the market. At 15mm thin, the flexible lens housing as well as opening flaps are made of a durable rubber coated with a to comfortably hug your face for extended use. The only rigid components of the Pinć hardware actually never touch the face.

Will I get motion sickness from using PinćVR?

The short answer is Pinć does not cause motion sickness in most circumstances, however users may react differently to VR on a case by case basis. Motion sickness in Virtual Reality is caused by several factors. The first factor is insufficient response time from the MEMs sensors tracking your head movement. Pinć will utilize full MEMs sensor access to reduce the latency between your head moving and the software responding. The second, and by many considered the biggest culprit in motion sickness in VR is extreme stereoscopic viewpoint distance. Pinć uses a less extreme stereoscopic shift than video game-based VR HMD’s. Therefore users experience significantly less motion sickness as a result. 

What Apps will be Available When Pinć Ships?

Pinć will be shipping with 3 key apps at launch. The three apps included are the web browser, YouTube & Video player, as well as the Pinć Shops Virtual Mall. A detailed look at each is available here.



What is the expected battery life while using PinćVR?

Expect battery life on PinćVR varies based on use and the smartphone battery capacity. The average battery life tested on a wide variety of Android & iOS devices is between 2 hours and 13 minutes on the low end, and 3 hours and 42 minutes on the high end.

What if I wear corrective lenses or contacts?

PinćVR has several interchangeable lenses that allow the device to work for various optometries. Unlike other HMD’s, PinćVR does not have an adjustable focal length due to it’s extremely thin form factor. Lens options will be available for selection at time of shipping to suit your vision.

Will different lenses cost me extra?

Each backer will be contacted prior to the shipping date to specify his or her eye prescription. The lenses built into PinćVR are interchangeable and can be swapped by a technician. Lenses that suit your eyes will be at no cost extra.

How far can I stretch my hands out to interact?


Viewing Angle on Gestures is 180 degrees horizontally and 80 degrees vertically starting from eye-level downward. This means that the PinćVR gesture control system does not track movements above the eye line. This is due to comfort and wearability, however developers can access the full camera feed if extended vertically range is required.

What if I lose my Pinchers?


Pinchers are sold separately . An extra set of pinchers can be purchased as a perk until the product ships in Summer of 2015.




What are the different types of hand gestures available?


Hand gestures on PinćVR utilizing the gesture rings, or ‘Pinchers’ is very similar to touchscreen enabled multi-touch. Gestures like pinching, zooming, rotation, dragging, and hovering are all possible with Pinchers. Think of pinchers like cursors within the VR experience, where each of the two cursors are located on your index fingers. To click you simple ‘pinch’ your index finger and thumb together.


Supported FOV (Field of View)

PinćVR has 2 standard field of views, one for each of the device sizes. Field of View is heavily dependent on the type of smartphone used in conjunction with the device. PinćVR for standard sizes ranges a FOV of 90-92 degrees, whereas an FOV of 96-100 degrees is available on the XL version due to support for wider screens up to 6”.

Supported IPD (Inter-pupillary Distance)

Inter-pupil distance on PinćVR is completely adjustable on the fly due to the elastic & flexible nature of optics within the devices to accommodate even the most extreme facial proportions. IPD ranges from a minimum of 48mm to a maximum of 76mm.

How does the control system work?

The control system is remarkably simple and easy to navigate. All hand gestures are captured by the rear facing camera on your smartphone. Special optics integrated into the PinćVR case extend the capabilities of the camera and allow the capture of full range hand gestures both side-to-side as well as up-and-down. The camera tracks two independent tracking points located on finger rings worn on each index finger called ‘Pinchers’.

Expected Frame Rates?

Expected frame rates on the PinćVR platform are over 120hz or frames per second (gaming applications may vary in frame rate). This is possible due to the low complexity/geometry environments within the platform, unlike high polygon game models which are much more GPU intensive. Frame rate will also vary depending on the smartphone that is used and it’s CPU/GPU capability.

Low Persistence Display Utilization

PinćVR is designed to work with a variety of high-end smartphone displays capable of high pixel density and vibrant colours. Depending on the model smartphone you are using, there may be added benefit to the VR experience. Low persistence displays like AMOLED displays used in the Samsung Galaxy phones are recommend as to avoid ‘motion blur’ during rapid-movement sequences.

Is there a dedicated MEMS sensor Gyro/Accelerometer?


PinćVR does not incorporate separate MEMS sensors or similar electronics in the hardware but instead relies exclusively on the MEMS sensors built into your smartphone. The reason for this simply due to the types of applications running on the platform and their more modest hardware requirements compared to high-end desktop gaming.

Does PinćVR utilize Positional Head Tracking?

Positional tracking is a feature currently in development. Positional tracking will not be available for the June shipping date but will be available later in 2015. The technology will expand on the use of the rear facing camera to track external environment tracking points for positional orientation.

What kind of support should Developers expect?

Developers interested in developing for PinćVR have full email & phone support 9am to 6pm ET with their applications for the first 90 days of the time of registering for a PincVR SDK account. Higher levels of support will be available at the time of launch based on requirements.

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