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Picarun haburasi

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$23.99 $32.99

360 So brush it fun without rubbing 360 ° Children sonic tooth brush

I am not good at brushing tooth, VIVATEC's 360 ° toothbrush that you can brush firmly even with babies and children with playful sensation!

Vivatech's Pikaru is a toothbrush toy that makes daily toothpaste time fun!The hair was soft and the mother's finish polish did not hurt! I love tooth paste because it does not hurt at all! I was praised by my mother when I got toothbrush by myself! The toothpaste time will be fun!

When I dislike abrasion ... How can I wear it tightly ... I'm worried ... I do not like finishing polish ... ... I worry that I will not hurt my gums ...

About 20,000 hairs (20 times the general toothbrush) hair, 
Hair reaches every corner with about 16,000 vibrations per minute, even shine yourself shine!

Patent technique of 360 ° toothbrush!

The world's first 360 ° toothbrush applying ultrasonic technology. High density hair with more than 10,000 hairs. One hair is ultra-fine 0.07 - 0.09 mm.

An annular bristle brush and a washer (gap) are overlapped, and each independent nine step brush bundle realizes excellent cleaning effect (patented manufacturing method). The effect has been verified by the medical institution. Effects and indications are also presented at the dental conference, and many dentists also recommend it.

In addition, according to the conventional toothbrush, the strength (tensile) test of the hair, etc. was carried out, it measured about 3 times the strength of JIS standard, and it is recognized as a brush which can be used safely by small children.

 Children's toothbrush innovation! 360 degree design easy to polish

Point 1

The 360-degree toothbrush is rich with ultra-fine hair around the whole circumference. Unlike general toothbrushes, the plastic part on the back of the toothbrush does not touch the teeth or gums, so it is a gentle product for children sensitive to mouth. (Patent acquisition)

Point 1

Plus sound function to the world 's first 360 - degree toothbrush' s technical strength. Because it is an omni-directional curve brush, even children do not mind the angle and can polish every corner. It is recommended for small children who do not like toothbrushing.

 Remove dental plaque firmly! Outstanding durability!

Point 2

The thread diameter is 0.076 mm (approx. 1/3 of a general toothbrush) superfine fur all adopted. With fine sound waves and about 20,000 ultra-fine hair, the irregularities on the tooth surface and dental plaque between the teeth are removed tightly.

Point 2

Use super fine hair high quality nylon (Dupont, USA). Even children who are apt to make toothbrushes immediately, in the case of normal use, it is a product that lasts more than twice as long as general toothbrushes. (In-house research)

 You can brush your teeth fun and safely!

Point 3

Adopt a cute animal design and add fun to your child's tooth brushing time with sparkling LED lighting.Also you can see well to the back of the mouth during finish polishing, you can brush your teeth safely.

Point 3

How to use, polish sideways. It does not rotate. Hold the toothbrush beside, lightly hit the toothbrush on the boundary between the teeth and the gums and polish them to the right and left. Because it is a soft curved brush, you can brush your teeth safely.

How to polish brush yourself ?

Pikaru blunt blurred

Press the power switch once

※ The LED will light for 30 seconds. (No vibration)

Move the body by hand and brush your teeth. The LED will illuminate your mouth.

Press the power switch again

※ The LED will light up and the brush will vibrate (2 minutes).

Move the brush to the right and left and brush your teeth.

Vibrates twice every 30 seconds and informs you of changes in the postcard area.

※ You can use a small amount of general dentifrice.

When the polishing is over, press the power switch to turn off the power

I wash the brush.

* Please drain the dentifrice well with running water, please drain and drain it.

※ Please do not wash the battery cap in a loose state or disconnected state.

※ Please wipe off water droplets adhering to the main unit with a dry, soft cloth.

Pikaru tobu-bro

Pikaru blur relaxing (Penguin)
  • JAN code 
  • body size 
    Vertical 48.4 × width 86.5 × height 232 (mm)
  • Body weight 
    64 g
Pikaru shaburu blurred (duck)
  • JAN code 
  • body size 
    Vertical 48.4 × width 86.5 × height 232 (mm)
  • Body weight 
    64 g
Pikaru blur relaxing brush (change brush)
  • JAN code 
  • body size 
    Vertical 19 × width 38 × height 230 (mm)
  • Body weight 
    11 g

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