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Phigolf WGT Edition - Golf Simulator

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249.99 $249.99

Phigolf WGT Edition Mobile Golf Simulator Game combines the World Golf Tour (WGT) mobile game app with the power of Phigolf's state of the art golf club sensor to become the most exciting, compact, portable, and affordable golf simulator in the world. Hackers to scratch golfers are gonna LOVE this!

You know World Golf Tour, or WGT. It's the #1 online video golf game on the planet! Stunningly realistic, providing access to the world’s most famous courses, WGT is free to play and more than 15 million virtual golfers across the globe are enjoying it.

As an online mobile game, WGT is clearly a ton of fun, even if you're just controlling your swings with your fingers or mouse. But what if you could physically swing a club that realistically replicates your shots on a big screen? This would take WGT to the next level of reality and enjoyment, and that's where Phigolf comes in! 

WGT is partnering with Phigolf to combine software and hardware technologies to offer you a complete golf simulator package that's authentic to both how golf looks and how golf's played.

Phigolf by itself is already a great golf simulator system that includes a club sensor that analyzes your swing which is represented on Phigolf's iOS/Android app, allowing you to practice or play a round with friends and family - even remotely. Phigolf successfully raised funds on Kickstarter just last year.  

Now with the integration of Phigolf's sensor into WGT's system, swinging your golf club will transport you to world famous courses in WGT. Use the sensor on the included swing trainer whose shortened length is ideal for the living room or office. Or easily mount the sensor on your own club and practice while you play. You can even use Phigolf's WGT Edition Mobile Golf Simulator on the driving range or while hitting balls into a net. The Phigolf Sensor and WGT on your smartphone makes it that portable. And you'll be able to play with or against friends & family in remote locations. Play in tournaments specifically for Phigolf WGT Edition players all while earning coins and experience points through WGT. 

Similar golf simulator systems can cost thousands of dollars. Phigolf WGT Edition Mobile Golf Simulator wants to change that! All passionate golfers should have access to realistic golf regardless of weather or location. Never worry about that upcoming snow storm or that unbearable heat wave again. Traveling for work all week? No problem, get in a few holes from the comfort of your hotel room.

You gotta make this your party game!
You gotta make this your party game!

Phigolf's WGT Edition Mobile Golf Simulator Game will include:

  • Phigolf WGT Edition Device
  • PhiStick Simulated Golf Club
  • WGT All-Course Pack 6-Month Subscription (Only for Kickstarter Backers)
  • Wolf Creek Golf Course Free for Life (Only for Kickstarter Backers)
  • WGT Credit and Coin Pack (Only for Kickstarter Backers)

 This Kickstarter campaign will fund the integration of Phigolf's sensor with WGT's system, including hardware/firmware changes, software development and UI/UX development specific to the integration. 

With Phigolf WGT Edition, you can play on some of the most beautiful golf courses around the world without leaving your living room.

Is it real or is it WGT?
Is it real or is it WGT?

In 2013, we at the Phigolf Team sought to return the thrill of golf back into golf practice. The first prototype of this multi-platform (TV, tablet, smartphone) golf simulation took over 4 years. In the process, not only did we create our own unique swing analysis algorithm, we also built an interactive and realistic golf game from the ground up. Now Phi Golf is on the last step towards production. We very much hope that you will enjoy Phi Golf as much as we do!


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