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PETKIT Smart Pet Feeder

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$179.99 $299.99

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Impact Between Pet's Diet & Technology
①Hall Sensor
Work with magnet to check lid’s state, ensure the food release situation.
③Weight Sensor
PETKIT places the weight sensor inside the feeder to feedback the weight when feeding, also notifies you when not enough food is present.
④High Precision Sensor
Checks the food outlet door’s status. The door will remain open when it senses an external force to prevent injury.
⑥Infrared Sensor
Checks the motions of the motor and wheel, controlling the food release system to ensure feeding as planned.

A Smart Feeder That Never Stuck Food(food sizes 5-25mm)
②Oscillating Bar
Solves feeding food’s accumulation issue. The PETKIT design features an oscillating feeder around 60° to mix the food and evens the portion out.
⑤Food Grade Silicone Impeller & Spring Check-Board
Works together to adjust the output diameter.The Silicone Impeller transforms under pressure to prevent any blockage, allowing the feeder to feed as planned.



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Product Description:
1. Impact between pet's diet & high-tech
PETKIT believes this technique makes life better, so we introduced an intelligent concept into pet's supplies. We placed ten high-precision sensors to create safer and more complete system - offering your pets a healthier and enhanced way of feeding.
2. A never stuck feeder
According to the bionics principle, PETKIT creates a self-adaption system with an oscillating bar, spring check-board, and silicone impeller. Never gets stuck, even after a million tests.
3. Double fresh lock system
PETKIT created the first double-fresh lock technique. Place silicone sealing ring at the food outlet door, then add the desiccant box on the top of feeder. Keeps fresh, and avoids moldy food!
4. Smart Phone Control
Set up a feeding plan freely or select a specific PETKIT feeding plan based on your pet's background and information. Long-range remote, one key control and receive notices via the PETKIT app.

Product Information:
Measures 17.5”(with tray ) x 8.8” x 19.7”
Total weight: 5kg
Bucket capacity: 5.9L
Recommended pet type: small to medium size dogs/cats
Input voltage: 100-240V
Output voltage: 6 V,1A
Wireless: Wi-Fi enabled,2.4G

Package Include:
1* DC power cord
1* Manual


1.    Food Never Stuck Pet Feeder: According to the bionics principle, PETKIT creates a self-adaption system with an oscillating bar, spring check-board, and silicone impeller. Tested over a million times.
2.    Double Fresh Lock Design: for keeping food always fresh. 360° food grade Soft Silicone Sealing Ring on the food outlet door and the top of the lid inside of the machine.
3.    Intelligent & Personal Feeding Ways: Up to 4 meals a day , dispense from 1-20 portions per meal, each portion is 20g. You can set max 10 plans everyday(food sizes 5-25mm)
 4.   Feed Anytime Anyplace: smartphone programming, control your dog or cat's feeding from anywhere using your Apple or Android smartphone
5.    6LB Large Capacity for Food Storage: Features a 6lb capacity storage bucket, you don't have to store it elsewhere or worry about it getting stale and moldy after opening.

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