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PAVLOK - Habit Changing Wristband

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199 $199.00

Pavlok starts with punishment for bad behavior, and moves to positive feedback for good behavior over time.



Don't take our word for it, check out what the experts are saying.


Pavlok in the press montage


YAHOO! takes Pavlok for a test


By combining positive and negative reinforcement.

Pavlok combines accurate tracking, commitment techniques, and 'on-your-wrist' reminder triggers to change users' brains and form the habits they wish they had.



Choose the habit you want to change. Wear your Pavlok throughout the day.

Pavlok can automatically and manually deliver a stimulus when you engage in your bad habit.

Your brain associates the stimulus with the bad habit, creating an aversion.


Pavlok is easy to get started.




Choose your daily habit

Pick your action. Exercise every day, be more productive online, learn a new language, wake up earlier — the possibilities are endless!



In the Pavlok app, choose what you want to accomplish. Pavlok will break your goal down into easy, manageable actions. Each day, Pavlok will push you to stay on track and form the lasting habit.


Real Accountability, Real Results

Willpower isn't enough. Habit change requires accountability. You won't have to make the journey alone - Pavlok helps you find a partner or join a team of your friends.



Social support and pressure will keep you on track. When you hit a bump in the road, they'll motivate you to keep going. Or, they'll punish you.

Earn Rewards and Face Penalties


Choose your level of commitment. Pavlok can reward you when you achieve your goals. Earn prizes and even money when you complete your daily task.



But be warned: if you fail, you’ll face penalties. Pay a fine, lose access to your phone, or even suffer an electric shock…at the hands of your friends.


Make a change that lasts.

Research shows that consistency is the key to forming a habit. When you use Pavlok to stick to your goals, you'll find that they become easier and eventually, automatic.


At that point, use Pavlok to train your next habit and keep up your transformation into a better you.


You can use Pavlok to change all sorts of behaviors.


Form new habits


Wake up early

What would you do with just one extra hour of time each day? Would you start a business, explore your creativity, or just have some “me” time? The opportunities are endless. But it’s so easy to hit “snooze” and roll over.


Pavlok: Wake Up lets you set an alarm to gently vibrate and wake you up. But, what if you keep hitting the snooze button? Pavlok can deliver just enough of a “jolt” to get you up and running --- with adrenaline.

Get In Shape, Stay In Shape

Do you have any friends who run or lift every day but complain when they miss a day? They simply have developed the habit of exercise. For them, it actually requires willpower to NOT work out. 

With two months of daily activity, you’d feel exactly the same. This might sound crazy, but it’s been scientifically validated. 


Pavlok Fit uses a powerful commitment ecosystem to help your form this habit. Choose between hitting the gym (measured by GPS), walking 10,000 steps, or running with Runkeeper. Earn rewards when you succeed to keep you motivated.

Choose your commitment level, and when you succeed, you’ll earn money. But, if you fail, you’ll have a penalty to your Facebook friends. Either you’ll give them your money --- or they’ll get to shock you.

Break bad habits



Conquer Distractions, Be More Productive

Pavlok Productive retrains your deeply ingrained “chronic web surfing” habits. In our trial research, we found that a large number of participants have significant trouble getting work done in the face of temptation (e.g. incoming emails, interesting articles, status updates).

The Pavlok app and wristband track your surfing habits. Using a combination of vibration, sound, and electric shock, the wristband stops distractions in their tracks and keeps you focused on your work.

How much would you get done if you stopped wasting time on social media and constantly checking your email? Pavlok can break the bad habit of opening too many tabs and mindlessly wasting your day.


Different people want to change different behaviors.


We plan to integrate with, a website that connects different products with different APIs.  


Here are examples of some potential integration's.


  • Shock you when you text your ex-lover.
  • Remind you to take your medicine, and connect to a smart Pill bottle to prove compliance
  • Beep loudly any time you step inside of a McDonald's.
  • Improve your golf swing or powerlifting technique using other wearable sensors and our scalable vibration motor.
  • Help you meditate by having you commit to a training app.
  • Integrate with smart EEG brain devices to train and get feedback on your mental states.
  • Use Pavlok to remind you to eat more protein or walk more steps.
  • Ensure that you get up from your computer every hour to stretch.
  • Train and remind you not to go on distracting websites in real-time.



See what real people are saying about Pavlok


David Goldstien

Watch how David Goldstein lost 7 lbs after a stroke and after a heart attack.

Heather O.

Heather used Pavlok to invigorate her habit of Painting.

Justine D.

Habit: Wake Up An Hour Earlier

Now I get up at 7 without pressing the snooze button, do 10 mins of mindfulness meditation, read a few pages of a philosophical or poetry book, and write. These are all habits now!



Daniel D.

Habit: Write 1000 words each day

I’ve been able to write 1,000 words per day consistently. No matter how hard I've tried in the past, it was impossible. But the program really works. The best part is, now the habit doesn't feel like a's just part of my life.



Work seamlessly with apps that you are already using.

Don't worry about tracking everything separately, we'll do the hard part for you. 

All you have to do is decide what habit you want to tackle and we'll make sure that you achieve your goals! (Thanks to Beeminder for helping us)


Literally hundreds of habit breaking use cases with Pavlok


We are FCC and CE Tested, Certified, and Compliant

2-5 DAYS

of battery life, designed with low energy & sleep modes

180 DAYS

every user gets half a year money back guarantee



of aversion therapy research distilled into a wearable

30,000+ SOLD

since we launched, now a powerful user community

$626,582 RAISED

on Indiegogo for the Shock Clock & Pavlok Original

TOP 0.1%

accepted to Bolt Hardware Engineering Incubator


Is the shock safe?

Absolutely! The circuit is complete on your skin, and the voltage / amperage is not enough to hurt you. It is a very noticeable shock --- like a static shock like when you walk with your socks on a rug and then touch a metal door knob.

Will Pavlok work on my Android and iOS?

Yes! We are developing both Android and iOS versions.

My mom thinks you guys are crazy.

Well that's not really a question but we understand, our moms think we're a little nuts as well but they love us anyway :)  

Are there other options besides shocking?

Beeping, vibrating, monetary penalties, and posting on your social network like Facebook. You choose what method motivates you the most. 

Do you offer a warranty?

Yes, Pavlok is has a one-year manufacturer warranty!

How long does the battery last?

Pavlok can deliver up to 200 shocks on a single charge. That means that for the typical user Pavlok will last 4 days on a full charge. 

What stops you from taking it off?

Pavlok knows when it's on you --- the human detect is an important component. If you're late to the gym, you get vibrated and shocked. But if you've made a real commitment, and you're not wearing the wristband --- you get charged money. Real commitment comes from real accountability.

Are there different size wristbands?

The wristband is adjustable, so it will fit you for sure :).

How do you control how much it shocks you?

You can adjust the intensity of the shock inside the app.

How do you charge it?

Pavlok charges through a Micro-USB cable which will be provided along with the device.

Can my device be controlled by someone else's phone?

If you give them permission to! But no, someone can't steal control of your device without your consent.

How much range does the device have with my phone?

The range of Bluetooth, which can be 40-60 feet.

Is the shock momentary or continuous?


How heavy is it?

It's very light --- a few ounces.

Is it difficult to set up?

Super easy! No previous rocket or scientist degree's required.

What kind of data does the app store about me?

At the moment, the app is not storing any data, but is using your current actions to deliver feedback.

How tight should the device fit?

Very snug to the skin to maintain constant contact to your skin.

Is it waterproof?

You can't swim in it, but we are working on making it highly water resistant.

What habits can I break with Pavlok?

Pavlok is designed to help to break ANY habit. This ranges from visiting distracting websites, going to fast food restaurants, not standing up from your desk often enough, going to bed late, biting your nails, and TONS of others. 

Do I have to wear Pavlok everyday in order to reap the benefits?

No! Research has shown that it can take as little as 30 days to break a habit. While some stubbornly ingrained habits can take up to 66 days, habits like flossing or going to bed on time can be achieved in less than 2 weeks! After you've formed a habit with Pavlok you no longer need to wear it everyday, unless you have a different habit that you are trying to make or break. And if you ever start to fall off track with one of your habits all you have to do is put Pavlok back on for a few days to correct yourself!

Are you guys the most awesome company ever?

Well it's very nice of you to ask :) We pride ourselves on our ability to give our supporters a truly unique device unlike anything they've ever had before and to give them the means to become the person they always knew they could become. Any awesomeness that we have is directly linked to the awesomeness of our supporters!

How does Pavlok know if I've completed the task?

Pavlok is paired with your phone using Bluetooth, and we use a variety of APIs to allow you to set goals you can't cheat. GPS will confirm if you're at the gym, for example.



Tasha used Pavlok to quit eating sugar


Brennan quit his cookie binging habit





Carlos quit smoking in 5 days with Pavlok


Marty quit smoking using Pavlok




Nagina quit biting her nails in two days with Pavlok


Heather quit biting her nails in only 3 days with Pavlok




Alan uses Pavlok to be more productive


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