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Parasole - Revolutionary 3D Recovery Socks

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55 $55.00

 Parasoles are the world's first 3D recovery footwear that combine the comfort and freedom of a compression sock with key properties of a supportive insole, and traction and protection of an outsole.

Our Patent Pending technology is engineered with a generative designed polymer sole providing dynamic arch support, improved pressure distribution, and micro-cushioning.

Foot pain can have a profound impact on quality of life. A recent survey by The American Podiatric Medical Association (APMA) found that 77% of Americans have experienced foot pain and 51% have limited activity because of foot pain.

Many turn to insoles or prescription orthotics to help alleviate the pain, which is great, but what happens when we take off our shoes? We are left with an unsupported fatigued foot, which causes us to walk awkwardly while trying to avoid the pain, or look for the closest place to sit down and get off our feet.

Office & After Work
Office & After Work

We all love our socks but have always wished they could be more, and we could wear them in more places. 

After Training & Recovery
After Training & Recovery
Leisure Wear
Leisure Wear

 Parásoles help adapt the natural curves of your feet to the hard flat ground around you. The added utility of the polymer sole improves traction on slippery floors, and protects sock fibers from abrasion while relaxing inside or playing outside.

Casual Wear Outside
Casual Wear Outside
Fitness TrainingFitness Training
Leisure Wear
Leisure Wear
Soiled socks must be washed. Parásole can be wiped clean.
Soiled socks must be washed. Parásole can be wiped clean.

 Our newest color To Be UNLOCKED at $100,000. Teal/Heather. 

Limited Edition Stealth Pack Available Now!
Limited Edition Stealth Pack Available Now!

Premium form-fitting knit stretches to hug your feet for a custom fit and flexible support.


Questions on wear & use

Can I wear Parásoles outside?

Our recovery socks are infused with a generative designed polymer sole, which helps protect the sock and your feet inside. They can be worn inside, outside, and some places in between.

Are these socks or barefoot running shoes?

Parásoles are supportive socks. They help adapt the natural shape of your foot to hard ground surfaces, and provide traction on slippery floors. Hybrid footwear designed to be more sock than shoe. They are not running shoes, and we do not recommend running in them. Our 3D socks are deigned for casual wear, light training, and recovery.

Can I wear them in my shoes?

Our 3D socks are designed to primarily function outside of a shoe, although they can also be worn in some shoes. They generally fit into casual and lifestyle shoes. Fit is dependent on the shoe design, how much room is in the toe box, and how tight you wear your shoes. Similar to over-the-counter insoles, it may help to remove the existing insole to improve fit.

To wear them in shoe, its best to place them in the shoe first, then slide your foot in place. You do the opposite to take them off, removing your foot first. They will not work in all shoes, but for some it definitely helps. They really shine for the times you need more than a sock but less than a shoe.

Are the soles resistant to sharp objects?

Parásoles are designed to function like a recovery/training sock. They will also provide light protection from gravel and small objects, but are not intended to protect like a shoe. We wouldn't recommend wearing them for hiking or in unfamiliar or potentially treacherous areas.

Questions about fit

Are these one size fits all like my other socks?

Our advanced recovery socks are custom sized to match your foots curves, and fit you better. Size range covers Men's and Women's shoe sizes U.S. 6-14 (EU 37-48).

Is the arch support similar to the support in over-the-counter insoles or my compression socks?

I have a wide foot. Will Parásoles fit?

Parásoles come in a standard B (Women's) or D (Men's) width. The dual layer sock is designed to stretch and comfortably hug the foot, if you are a few millimeters wider in some areas. If you have a slightly wider foot, you may consider sizing up to the next size.

What if I am between sizes?

We currently offer Parásoles in whole sizes only. If you are between sizes, we recommend sizing down for a tighter fit or size up for a looser fit. Please keep in mind our 3D socks hug the foot, and it is normal for your toes to extend to the end of the sole. You would not leave extra room in the toe the way you would for a shoe.

Can I wear socks with my Parásoles?

You may wear your Parásoles with a thin sock. If your feet sweat more than most, a thin sock can help absorb excess moisture and keep your 3D socks fresher longer. You may also wear a thin sock, if you prefer a snugger fit.

Care Instructions

Are these socks antibacterial?

Yes, our 3D socks are antibacterial and antimicrobial. Using Ultra-Fresh antimicrobial infused materials inhibit the growth of bacterial and fungi responsible for creating unpleasant smells and staining in textile and plastic consumer products.

How do I clean my new socks?

If your 3D socks get a little dirty, you can easily wipe them off with a damp cloth. If they become less than fresh or soiled, you can wash them by hand or just throw them in the wash in a mesh laundry bag (Gentle cycle (30C). We recommend allowing them to air dry overnight. Keep them away from the dryer!

Are Parásoles recyclable?

Parásoles are sustainably designed for a minimal footprint. Made with a recyclable polymer sole, and the knitted sock can be ground up and woven into new 100% recycled fiber. We are also developing bio-based nylon for reinforcing our dual layer knit fibers. Our goal is to create a closed-loop retail cycle, where your used items can be made into something new. Keeping them out of the landfill.

How long will they last before I wear them out?

Parásoles are designed to be durable with more utility than a typical pair of socks. We have been testing pairs for the past 9 months, and have yet to wear them out. That said, it really depends on how you're using them, your weight, and total miles traveled. Because of these variables, we cannot estimate how long they will last for you. We can say the pairs we're wearing are still performing well. 

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