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Paper Glass Classic Reading glasses Series

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199.99 $199.99

Reading glasses with functionality and beauty in a compact.

Easy to store, functional and beautiful reading glasses, it is paper glass that was born from such a concept.

When folded it becomes flat and when it opens it shows a dynamic form. That was also the challenge to the thinnest.


From "making things" to "creating value".

Making glasses of Sabae that reached 110 years of birth in 2015. Completed only in a small regional city with a population of approximately 69,000, the quality of Made in SABAE is used in all processes.

Paper glasses have been developed to renew the values ​​of reading glasses and create richness with the vision of senior life. And paper glass is a presentation for the world that Made in SABAE continues to evolve.

Beloved of SABAE's feelings.

Glasses reflect the joy and hate of people. Even if you gather only good technologies, you can not make really good glasses, even if you only look for features such as comfort.

As a beloved reading glasses, as a source of Sabae's feelings, paper glasses will deliver joy, happiness and excitement to customers who have acquired them from now on.

How to care

  • Remove dust with running water

    Clean the lens surface with tap water.

  • Wipe off water with a tissue

    Gently wipe the moisture like holding the lens lightly with a tissue

  • Use a dedicated cleaner

    Use a cleaner to make it difficult to get sebum and oil stains, and keep the lens clean

  • Fix the screw loose

    You can handle it yourself with a plus driver. It is recommended to use the drivers # 000 and # 00.

  • Remove dirt and return to case

    By removing the dirt cleanly and returning it to the case, you can protect the paper glass from dirt and use it for a long time.

Handling Precautions

  • This product is glasses for vision correction. It is made for the purpose of making it easy to see the letters of the hand that became difficult to see Be sure to remove it when driving or walking. Also, keep the removed glasses in a case etc.
  • Glasses are exposed to high temperature (more than 60 ° C) in the lens and the frame, and if it encounters a rapid temperature difference, it may cause deformation of the surface layer, peeling of the surface layer and cracks. In addition, heat may deform the lens, causing the frame to fall off, or changing the power and adversely affecting the way it looks.
  • Do not use a dryer, stove or other heat source to dry the glasses.
  • If you place your glasses with convex lenses in direct sunlight, there is a risk of fire due to the light collecting effect of the lenses. Please be careful about storage place.
  • Do not use alcohol solvents for dirt removal. It causes deterioration, deterioration and discoloration of plastic parts and painted parts.
  • Hair removal, cosmetics and sweat may cause deterioration, deterioration, or discoloration. When it adheres, wipe it off immediately.
  • If the lens and frame are stored for a long time in a place containing insect repellent, toilet, bath detergent, cosmetics, hair setting agent, medicine etc., it causes deterioration, deterioration and discoloration of both the lens and the frame.

Classic series

Classic Series

It is one which enjoys a classic casually.

Easy to put on stylish, classic type glasses are designed to be easy to fit even the first time.

The now popular classic type uses a sober antique plated metal material and is finished in a classical texture.

Classic Boston Silver
Classic Boston Silver

Choose form


Fashionable design that creates a classic but balanced and unique fashion.

Paper Glass Boston

All 2 colors to choose

Boston Gold


antique gold
Boston Silver


Antique silver


Basic classical design which is easy to match even casual or formal.

Paper Glass Wellington

All 2 colors to choose

Wellington de Gold


antique gold
Wellington Silver


Antique silver

Round 43

Traditional design that brings out the most classical and unique atmosphere.

Paper Glass Round 43

All 2 colors to choose

Round gold

Round 43

antique gold
Round 43 Silver

Round 43

Antique silver

Always beside you

customer's voice

  • I bought a light and thin glasses this time. Looking at the glasses I had for a long time, I came to have the same thing as a couple saying that my husband also wanted. It is light and not burdensome to carry around. Also, I could not look good and read or write letters. There is nothing to do with your glasses in your life. I think that wearing glasses as a part of the body is easier than anything else. I will take care of you. 【65 years old / woman】
  • It is thin and very good. I think it would be better if there was a little more. [57 years old / male]
  • This is the second one. I used to throw it off my neck when I was traveling. When I went abroad the other day, I asked for damage. [72 years old / male]
  • I am very happy with my fashionable glasses. It is a pity that the glasses can not be seen unless they look just below because the glasses slip down to about the middle of the nose. [52 years old / woman]



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