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Panasonic High-frequency treatment device Coricoran

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249.99 $249.99


High-frequency therapy device CoriCoran

Work time to treat stiffness.
The industry's only *1 high-frequency treatment device for home use, which reduces shoulder and waist stiffness!

가정용 고주파 치료기로 어깨 허리 결림을 개선!

High-frequency treatment device Korichoran is the industry's only *1 home-use high-frequency treatment device that has been certified as a medical device for the purpose of improving stiffness *2 . Just by attaching it to the affected area of ​​the shoulder or lower back, the high frequency pulse expands blood vessels to promote blood circulation and treats stiffness in the shoulder and lower back. Compact, lightweight, and cordless specifications, and because there is no stimulating feeling , it is possible to perform "while stiff *2 treatment" at the time of work or housework that causes stiffness .

High frequency stimulates vasodilation and blood circulation. Improvement of shoulder and waist stiffness.

고주파 혈관 확장, 혈액 순환 촉진.어깨 허리 결림 개선.

High frequency stimulates vasodilation and blood circulation.  Shoulder/waist stiffness improvement

What is a high-frequency therapy device?

The high frequency penetrates deeply into the body tissue, reaches the affected area of ​​stiffness, expands blood vessels, promotes blood circulation, and has the function of improving shoulder stiffness and waist stiffness, which are often bothered in work and daily life. Focusing on the fact that treatment can be performed without feeling irritation, Panasonic has developed the high-frequency treatment device, Coricolan, as a small stiffness treatment device that can be worn even during work.

고주파 치료기는

고주파는 신체 조직까지 깊숙이 침투 코리의 환부에 도달하고 혈관을 확장시켜 혈액 순환을 촉진 직장이나 일상 생활에 고민이 많은 어깨 결림 허리 결림을 개선하는 작용이 있습니다. 파나소닉은 자극을 느끼지 않고 치료할 수있는 점에 착안하여 업무 중에도 장착 가능한 소형 코리 치료기로, 고주파 치료기 코리코란을 개발했습니다.

Dilates blood vessels to promote blood circulation

  • High frequency of about 9MHz (about 9 million times per second): Repeated high-frequency pulse is sent to the affected area to treat stiffness *2 .
  • Deeply penetrates into body tissues: Expands blood vessels in affected areas to promote blood circulation.
  • No irritation: Can be treated during work and housework without any problems.
  • 약 9MHz (초당 약 900 만회)의 고주파 : 환부에 반복 고주파 펄스를 보내 코리 ※ 2를 치료.
  • 신체 조직까지 깊숙이 침투 : 신경 쓰이는 부위의 혈관을 넓혀 혈액 순환을 촉진.
  • 자극없이 : 일 동안이나 가사에서도 지장없이 치료 가능.

Mechanism of stiffness

Mechanism of stiffness

Cori is a condition in which muscles are tense and stiff. Hardened muscles press the blood vessels, resulting in poor circulation. A high-frequency therapy device sends high-frequency pulses to the areas where blood flow is stagnant, expanding blood vessels and promoting blood circulation.

코리의 메커니즘

코리는 근육이 긴장하고 굳어있는 상태입니다. 딱딱해진 근육은 혈관을 압박, 혈액 순환이 나빠집니다. 고주파 치료기는 혈류가 막혀있는 부분에 고주파 펄스를 보내 혈관을 넓혀 혈액 순환을 촉진합니다.

Difference from low frequency (Compared to our company)

RF treatment device CorycholanLow frequency therapy
How it works Irradiate the affected area with

electromagnetic energy in the high frequency band around 9MHz to provide
vasodilatory action and
blood circulation promoting action for treatment
Frequencies around 3 to 1200 Hz A

low-frequency current is applied from the surface of the skin to treat the affected area
Irritation to the body No stimulation There is stimulation
Features You can
treat for long periods of time in your daily life

Treatment that feels irritation can be performed in a short time (about 15 minutes)

Rigid *2 treatment for about a day that will not bother you even if you wear it for a long time .

Easy to use cordless

Easy to use cordless

You can work while wearing it without worrying about the cord.


Bronze gold that is easy on the skin

Bronze gold that is easy on the skin

It's fashionable even if you can see it from the shoulder, so you can wear it at work.

Can be used all day

If you charge it after returning home, you can use it all day from the next morning.

Small cordless

Small cordless

You can spend the time without feeling discomfort from the outsid

Check the high frequency with the checker's reaction

Check the high frequency with the checker's reaction

Easy to take out with one touch

Easy to take out with one touch

[AC power supply] When charging at the office/home

Two charging methods

[AC power supply] When charging in the office/home

[Battery*] When charging outdoors

[Battery * ] When charging outdoors

*4 AAA batteries (sold separately) are required.

Charger design

Charger design

From the shoulders to the waist, the silhouette of the back is used as a motif.

2 way wearing style that you can choose according to your preference.

Mounting tape

EW-9R01 Skin-friendly mounting tape

Even if it is reapplied repeatedly, the exfoliation of the skin is less likely to peel off and rash (JIS T 0993-1:2012 compliant).
・Depending on skin quality and condition, environment of use. 
-If you sweat, the mounting tape will come off easily from your skin.

EW-9R02 Mounting tape with strong adhesive strength *

*Compared to EW-9R01 (Adhesion will be reduced when reattached.)

Mounting ring

Wearing ring that is easy on the skinWearing ring that is easy on the skin

Wearing ring made of silicone that is gentle on the skin. Can be attached to a strap or underwear.
Wear the shirt by sandwiching it between the wearing ring and the Corycolan body.

* Can be worn on either the front or skin side.

EW-9R10 waist attachment

Paste example

By attaching the main body of the Coriolan to the inner ribbon, it can be attached to the point where you feel stiffness.
Attachment compatible size: Waist circumference approx. 58-100cm

Paste example

Paste example
① Heaven Pillar
② Kenchuyu
③ Kensei
④ Kengaiyu
⑤ Sanshoyu
⑥ Renyu
⑦ Shimuro Shitsu)
⑧ large intestine

Rigid *2 treatment while working or doing housework

Rigid*2 treatment while working or doing housework

Precautions for use

High frequency treatment device The high frequency of Coricolan may react when approaching the security gates of stores.


Safety precautions

Before using, please read the instruction manual carefully and use the product correctly. The products listed here are for domestic household use.

RF treatment device Corycholan


Never use together with the following medical electrical equipment.

  1. Implantable medical electrical devices such as pacemakers
  2. Wearable medical electrical devices such as electrocardiographs

(May cause accidents or significant physical damage)


Be sure to consult with your doctor before using if you are being treated by a doctor or the following.

  1. People with acute illness
  2. Person with malignant tumor
  3. People with heart problems
  4. People who are pregnant, pregnant, or just after giving birth
  5. People with sensory impairment due to severe peripheral circulatory disorders such as diabetes
  6. Person with high fever (38℃ or higher)
  7. Person with infectious disease
  8. Anemia
  9. People who need rest
  10. Persons with impaired skin perception or abnormal skin
  11. When blood pressure is abnormal (180 mmHg or more)
  12. People with acute [pain] illness, such as spinal fractures, sprains, and muscle flesh
  13. In addition to the above, especially when you feel an abnormality in your body

(May cause an accident or poor physical condition)

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