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Oshimatsubaki Hair Color Treatment

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Damaged hair is more beautiful and dyes gray hair in a natural shade.

Contains 3 beautiful hair ingredients. Gives hair moisture and luster every time it is used, making it beautiful and firm.

Kaoru Oshima Gives hair moisture and luster while coloring with hair color treatments, to make the hair beautiful and firm.A hair color treatment made by Kaoru Oshima with “Kashiwa Oil”

“Oshima Kaoru Hair Color Treatment”

New color appearance

"Oshima Kaoru Hair Color Treatment Dark Brown" has won numerous awards since its launch[Amazon ranking Hot selling ranking No.1 Wanted ranking No.1] [@ cosme best cosmetics award 2019 first half new best hair care second place]

Natural black that is popular among men in “Oshima Kaoru Hair Color Treatment” is now available!“Oshima Kaoru Hair Color Treatment Natural Black” is a natural black shade. For a clean impression.

Treatment with cocoon oil for dyeing gray hair “Unscented” “Non-mineral oil” “Weakly acidic” “Paraben-free” “Diamine-free”

Dark brown A deep brown shade. For those who want to create a calm and natural impression.
Natural black: Natural colors that match black hair. For those who are new to gray hair and men who want to make gray hair less noticeable.

Hair color treatment that is gentle on the hair and scalp that is gradually dyed every time it is used. Give your hair moisturized and lustrous hair with firmness and firmness.

5 features of Kaoru Oshima Hair Color Treatment

The more you use it, the more you give it a natural shade.

[Coloring] Beautifully dyed with two dyeing ingredients, and cocoon oil gives it a glossy effect.

Basic dye binds to negative ions on hair surface. HC dye penetrates through the gaps in the cuticle and dyes gray hair.

椿 oil coats the hair surface

Moist and glossy hair as you use

Tsubakiceramide repairs damage inside hair.椿 Oil prevents cuticle damage. In addition, while keeping the moisture necessary for cocoon oil, each hair is smoothly prepared, leading to moist and smooth hair.

[Damage Care] Slag oil prevents cuticle damage

[Damage prevention effect] Protects the hair surface to prevent cuticle damage and increases hair strength.

The more you use it, the better

The roots of hair that tends to appear with age, and the aging of the hair disappears with aging

Contains hair oil, hydrolyzed silk, and ingredients that give hair firmness, firmness and gloss. A soft and voluminous feel comes from the root.

Same weak acidity as hair and skin

Kaoru Oshima Hair Color Treatment is as weak as hair and skin. Keeps your hair slightly acidic when coloring.

Mild acidity

Fragrance-free, mineral-free oil, paraben free, diamine free

There is no scent of gray hair dye, and it is fragrance free, so you can color it comfortably. In addition, it is mineral-free, paraben-free and diamine-free.

Fragrance-free, mineral-free oil, paraben free, diamine free

Things that can't be created without Oshima KaoruThe hair color treatment developed this time is "I want to dye white hair, but I don't like it." This product was born in response to that feeling.Oshima Kaoru <100% Sakai Oil>

Long-selling hair oil `` Oshima Kaoru '' that has been loved since its launch in 1927

In 1927, the founder, Haruichi Okada was impressed by the magnificent nature of Izu Oshima, and began selling specialty oils, Oshima Sakai, who wanted to revitalize the island. In addition to promoting Oshima, we traveled around the country on a public bus with women on beautiful hair islands. As a result, “Oshima Kaoru” spread throughout the country as a hair oil for beautiful hair. Since then, it has been loved by many women of all ages for over 90 years.

Oshima Kaoru <100% Sakai Oil> is No.1 oil in sales

Every day shines in a drop. Oshima Kaoru <100% Koi Oil> A multi-oil that can be used on hair, scalp and skin. The golden liquid wakes up the true beauty of hair and gives it a glossy hair that emits light from the inside. Atsushi Oshima will continue to protect the beauty of Japanese women.

Trajectory at “Oshima Kaoru” @cosme

In 2005, gained support from a wide range of ages and entered the Best Cosmetics Grand Prize Hall of Fame. In 2009, he received the “10th Anniversary Special Grand Prize” given to the item with the highest points in 10 years. In 2014, he received the “Best Review” award for products that received the most reviews in 15 years. It is still supported by many people.

A hair color treatment made by Kaoru Oshima with “Kashiwa Oil”

“Oshima Kaoru Hair Color Treatment”

New color appearance

Just treat after shampoo! Dye gray hair easily at home. How to use beautifully

Estimated usage

1. Wash your hair and scalp cleanly with shampoo. 2. After shampooing, drain the hair with a towel. 3. Take the hair color treatment on the attached brush and put it on your hair for about 5 minutes. 4. Rinse thoroughly until no color appears in the rinse water. 5. Wipe away moisture with a towel that can be dirty. 6. Dry your hair firmly.

`` Hair color treatment '' that gradually dyes gray hair every time you use it

Estimated dyeing

5 times continuous use for each shampoo is the standard for finishing. After dyeing your favorite color, you can keep your hair color by using it once in 2 times of shampoo.

Are you worried about dyeing gray hair?

I want to dye naturally little by little. I want to enjoy coloring easily. ”Since there are still few gray hairs, I don't want to dye white hair, but I want to do something about gray hair. I'm worried about hair bruises and dryness. I'm worried about the elasticity of the hair. Looking for coloring that is gentle on hair and scalp. I want to dye gray hair while treating my hair. I am busy and don't have time to go to the beauty salon.

For such people, Oshima Kaoru Hair Color Treatment is recommended!

Kaoru Oshima Hair Color Treatment

New color appearance

Voice of user

  • It was easy to use and it was nice to have less trouble.
    Since it is basically a treatment, it should be handled in the same way. After dyeing, it could be washed out in about 5 minutes, and unlike the old hair dye that had to be left for a long time, it was good to have less frustration.
    YS 50s Female
  • There is no smell that is unique to gray hair dyeing.
    First of all, I was surprised that there was no smell that was unique to gray hair dyeing. So even if the bathroom is closed, it's perfectly fine. There was little irritation to the skin, and the treatment effect of shark oil on the hair gave a firm gloss, so I forgot to dye my gray hair.
    NO 40's male
  • I'm happy to be able to color while repairing damage.
    By just using it as a treatment after shampooing, a hair color with a moderate shade is realized. Above all, it is nice to be able to color while repairing damage, rather than hurting hair because of its treatment effect.
    RT 40s Female
  • It ’s very natural because it ’s gradually changing color.
    After rinsing, the hair is smooth. There is no feeling of gore that is unique to self-color. great! It ’s very natural because it ’s gradually changing color. It is natural that the gray hair disappears step by step when it is handled like using the usual treatment several times.
    HO, 30s female
  • When I continued to use it, my wife told me that it looked youthful.
    Over the past few years, gray hair has been growing wisely, and my wife has been asked to dye gray hair over and over again. When I continued to use it, my wife told me that I could get youthful. My wife also wants to try it, but it's also nice to be able to use it for couples.
    MT 50s Male
  • I ’m not saying it ’s awkward.
    I do hair coloring once every three weeks, but no matter how much my wife tells me, my rinse is troublesome. But I use this every day because I think I have to dye my hair. As a result, despite the fact that the hair is dyed, it is GOOD that the hair treatment will not only damage the hair, but also moisturize it without knowing it. I ’m not saying it ’s awkward.
    TN 40s male

Reasons for using it best 5

1st treatment effect
What surprised me most was how smooth and moist it was! ! And the gloss came out.
No. 2 Easy and easy to use
I'm glad that I can use the busy profit quickly.
3rd dyed and colored
A very satisfying finish for me. There was a feeling that the color gradually became familiar.
4th kindness
The skin and hair are not easily damaged, and the hair is dyed while repairing damage!
Because Oshima
This is a product of Oshima Kaoru, which has been used by more than four generations, from grandmother to my cousin children, so my mother loves it.


  • Will your hair be damaged?
    A hair color treatment that contains salmon oil that prevents cuticle damage and camellia ceramide that repairs hair damage, resulting in moist and glossy hair.
  • What happens if I stop using it?
    If you stop using it, shampoo every day and it will gradually return to its original color in about a week.
  • I just made a perm and hair color, can I use it?
    Perm and hair color may affect the finished color. Do not use for a week before or after perm or hair dyeing.
  • Can I use dry hair?
    If hair color treatment is applied to dry hair, it may not dye evenly. Since wet hair is more likely to be dyed, use it on wet hair after shampooing and draining the hair with a towel.
  • What should I do if the color changes to towels or clothes?
    If the color changes on towels or clothing, immediately wash with detergent. When the hair is wet, the color may transfer to the towel, so we recommend using a towel that can be dirty on the day you use the hair color treatment.
  • What should I do if I touch the skin of my hand or forehead?
    If it gets on your hands or skin, it will become difficult to fall over time, so immediately wash it off with soap. Please wash carefully between nails because it is a little difficult to drop.
  • What should I do if I get stuck in the bathroom?
    If the hair color treatment is left attached, it may be difficult to remove. If it adheres, do not rub but wash it off with a bathroom cleaner. After taking a bath, it is recommended to wash away the water splashed during rinsing and around the drain.
  • Hair color treatments and shampoos are once every 3 days.
    It is a hair color treatment that is used after regular shampooing, so if you use it every time you shampoo, it will gradually dye. The color does not become difficult to be dyed if it is opened for a few days, but use it about 5 times as a guideline for the finished product.

Precautions for use

  • ・ Black hair and dark hair cannot be light.
  • ・ Don't use for about a week before or after perm or hair dyeing as it may change color due to the effects of perm and hair color.
  • ・ Perm and hair-colored hair and damaged parts may have a dark finish.
  • ・ If you stop using it and shampoo it every day, it will gradually return to the original color in about a week.
  • ・ If your hair is wet, it may transfer to clothing, hats, towels, bedding, etc., so please dry your hair thoroughly.
  • ・ After use, the hair may lose color if it is used with hair conditioner or tonic.
  • ・ Do not rub into the scalp.
  • ・ After use, wash the supplied brush thoroughly with water and store it in a clean place.

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