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OPPO - FabCat tunnel

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Your cat will love this tunnel more than the box it comes in. The Oppo Fab Cat Tunnel is made from soft felt material and comes as a set of two sheets in two subtle colors. The pieces are easy to assemble in different combinations: simply hook the push buttons together in whichever combination you wish (see the pictures below for examples) and your cat is good to go! The system makes this cute design cat tunnel easy to clean, store, and transport as well.

Oppo Fab Cat Tunnel
Oppo Fab Cat Tunnel
Oppo Fab Cat Tunnel

Oppo Fab Cat Tunnel

Oppo Fab Cat Tunnel

Oppo Fab Cat Tunnel
Oppo Fab Cat Tunnel

1.2枚のシートを下記のように広げます。2枚のシートのうち、1枚にはホックの1つにOPPOのロゴ入りタグが付いていますので、最初にタグ付きホックを留めます。<brwidth="100%" /> 






2枚のシートからなる「FabCat tunnel」は、フェルト調のやわらかい質感のファブリックでできています。ホックをはずせば平らなシートなので、コロコロで毛を取ったり、水で濡らして固く絞った布で汚れを拭くのもラクラク。

Product Information

The calm natural colors and the felt-like soft texture of the product go well with the atmosphere in your room. The piece is double-sided with two different colors. It's durable by the special processing.
You can easily assemble two fabric pieces into a tunnel toy with hooks.
It gives your kitty hours of exercise and self-amusement.

If you take off the hooks, the product can be separated into two flat pieces. You can easily remove furs by cleaning tools, especially OPPO FurRemover and Ketori are recommended.


Price 3,200 yen(Excluding tax)
Materials Body: Polyester ,Hooks: POM
Size 620mm(W)x190mm(D)x190mm(H)
(Inner diameter of the opening when assembled: Approx.170mm)
Weight 260g

JAN/Stock Number

FabCat tunnel

4904771 106267/OT-669-500-0

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