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ONE Mini - Pocket Multilingual Assistant

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Thanks to machine translation, cross-language communication is no longer science fiction. Different translation devices spring up like mushrooms, but the common pains of inaccuracy and impracticality leave these translators difficult-to-use. We’re hoping to change that. So we came up with the idea to create a new species, a lifestyle gadget for translation and transcription with a truly affordable price.

That is why we designed ONE Mini, to be handy and all-in-one, for communicating and recording.

When travel abroad, the communication experience is unprecedented improved by combining AI translation technology and live interpreter service. Meanwhile, recording and transcription function makes your life easier than ever for daily use.

We can’t wait to share ONE Mini with you and have you help bring it to life with us. 

ONE Mini covers 12 most spoken languages, most visited tourist destinations in the world, as indicated below. For AI translation, ONE Mini integrates cutting-edge Neural Machine Translation, supports two-way voice translation between all 12 languages. 

For live interpreter service, ONE Mini supports two-way interpreter for English to the rest 11 languages and Chinese to the rest 11 languages. As long as you have access to the internet, you can be connected with a professional online interpreter whenever and wherever you are within 30 seconds,  the service fee is around US$2/minute. We are working to expand more languages upon your request!

Admit it, your memories are not reliable all the time. Had a "eureka" moment but the idea slips away without writing them down? Tortured by taking endless notes and meeting minutes? We’ve all been there. ONE Mini makes it super easy. With speech-to-text feature, ONE Mini records the speech and converts to multilingual text in real-time. Just copy and paste, say goodbye to humdrum typewriting.

Powered by AI, ONE Mini is capable of translating speech to speech in two-way between 12 languages in real-time. Integrated with advanced Neural Machine Translation, Automatic Speech Recognition, and Text-to-speech technology, ONE Mini translates with high accuracy, making the conversation natural and comfy as it should be. Forget about language barriers, engage in communication!   

Machine translation is enough for simple and short conversations, but what about long, complex and professional situations? ONE Mini is the first on the market to provide premium live interpreter service 24/7. Just on button away, ONE Mini saves you from all types of language-barrier emergencies, giving you unparalleled communication experience.

Equipped with advanced Bluetooth 5.0 chip and a headphone jack, ONE Mini is also your own wireless playback device. Allowing you to have immersive music listening experience and take calls hands-free while driving, thanks to its lightweight and clip design.

ONE Mini is made with aluminum alloy, which is a combination of aesthetics, strength, durability, and flawless finish. Available in 5 trendsetting colors including Space Gray, Meteorite Black, Apple Green, Retro Dark Green and Cherry Red. 

Designed with a clip on the back, ONE Mini is easy to be clipped onto sleeves, collars, pocket or belts, anywhere you want. Completely hands-free for all occasions, perfectly matches your personal style.

As a unique symbol of ONE Mini, the breathing light is flashing like a halo when functioning, as a pleasant decoration to accompany you wherever you go.

Once fully charged, ONE Mini has a 10-hour runtime, and will automatically switch to power-saving mode when in standby, ensuring you with unrivaled battery performance.

With ONE Mini APP, you can easily set the source language and the target language for translation in advance. Once set up, you can use one Mini as an independent device without taking out your phone. After recording, you can also check, copy and paste the transcription and share it with a single tap.  

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