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Scribble Pen - Scan & Draw in Any Color

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199 $199.00
The Scribble Pen: An artist's palette in a PEN! £90 Scribble gadget lets you choose from 16 MILLION colours when drawing. It will let users ‘pick up’ any colour using a sensor:

cnet - "The pen that can write in any color on earth"

VentureBeat - "This smart pen’s ink changes based on whatever color you scan"

IFLScience - "Pen lets you draw any color in the world"

Daily Mail - "Forget crayons Multicolour pen lets pick colour draw 16 million shades"

Gizmodo - "Scribble Ink lets users draw with colors that they find around them"

Springwise - "16 million color pen can match its ink to the shade of any real world object"

HuffingtonPost - "This Pen Can Draw Every Single Color In The World"

Science Alert - "This pen lets you draw every single colour in the world"

iO9 - "This Incredible Pen Lets You Write In Any Color You See"

The Daily Dot - "The Scribble pen lets you draw using any color in the world"


We are certainly well on our way towards making Scribble a reality and changing the way the world draws.

We are now aiming for Stretch Goals to add stunning extra features which will make the Scribble even exciting.






With the Scribble scanning and capturing any color is easy and fast. Simple hold the Scribble’s scanner up to any color, like on a wall, a fruit, a book or magazine, a painting or even a child’s toy and within a second or two that color is stored in Scribble’s internal memory.

Once stored, that color can then be used to draw on paper (with the Scribble INK)

or to draw on a digital screen (with the Scribble STYLUS) instantly.


The Scribble is intended for anyone who needs access to a wide range of colors as well as the facility to easily and quickly reproduce any color.. Children will love the Scribble because it can create a myriad of different colors, completely replacing even their biggest box of crayons or marking pens. It will also let them instantly scan and draw with any color they see on any object around them.

Artists, graphic designers, interior decorators, fashion designers, or anyone working with color in their professional lives, will be able to scan color from any product, surface or chart, and instantly reproduce the identical color, to be used either on paper or on an electronic device of their choice.

Our nib set offers you a fantastic range of stroke weights. Choose from fine to heavy depending on your mood! We offer 6 tip sizes, 0.3mm, 0.5mm, 1.0mm, 1.5mm, 2.5mm and 3.71mm

Those with color vision problems, homeowners and professional painters will find Scribble to be an amazing tool that makes their lives much easier with its color scanning ability. Any color can be scanned and reproduced, making color-matching a breeze and home / business painting much simpler.

Both the Scribble Stylus and Ink can hold thousands of different colors and reproduce them exactly. The Scribble will literally replace a box full of crayons or marking pens and make color reproduction fast and simple for any project and application.

The Scribble Pen and Stylus pairs with a mobile app to instantly sync every color you scan directly onto your iPhoneiPad or Android mobile device. Your colors become more useful when they are organized, tagged, searchable and converted to various color models.


One of the most outstanding features of the Scribble is that, since it can reproduce any color, it replaces thousands of marking pens, thereby greatly reducing the huge amount of plastic waste cluttering up our landfills all over the world.

It's easy being green with Scribble PenIt's easy being green with Scribble Pen


There will be 2 Scribble pens, the Scribble INK and the Scribble STYLUS. The INK will be able to reproduce exact colors on regular paper. It features a color sensor, 1 GB of internal memory that will store over 100,000 UNIQUE colors, a rechargeable Battery, Bluetooth 4.0 connectivity, a Micro-processor and 5 ink cartridges. The STYLUS features are exactly the same as the INK, minus the ink cartridges as it is intended for use on a computer screen.

  • RGB Color sensor
  • 1-2 Seconds color capture time
  • Very ACCURATE color reproduction
  • Compatible with PHOTOSHOP
  • Advanced Ink management system
  • 1GB internal memory
  • ARM Processor
  • Micro USB charging
  • Rechargeable Lithium-ion battery
  • Bluetooth Smart (Bluetooth 4.0)
  • Lightfast long lasting Ink
  • Capacitive rubber nib & Harder finer tips for the STYLUS
  • Nib set for the INK pen: Our nib set offers you a fantastic range of stroke weights. Choose from fine to heavy depending on your mood! We offer 6 tip sizes,  0.3mm, 0.5mm, 1.0mm, 1.5mm, 2.5mm and 3.71mm
  • Supports iPhone and Android OS
  • Supports PC and MAC
  • Program your own custom colors: Program your own dream colors via our Mobile App. You can add and draw without worrying about what is captured in the Pen sensor


Kids Love Using Motley to Capture and Draw all the Colors of Their World

With it’s big bright colors, durable kid-friendly grip, and easy-to-use color sensor, Motley is the perfect way to give your child the gift of innovation!

Motley is made just for kids

Simple color sensor

The built-in sensor gives your child countless hours of capturing their favorite colors. Just point it at any colored object and press the button! Draw with it right away, or save it for later.

Playful LED lights

When your child scans a color, Motley’s LED light magically matches that color – a feature your child will enjoy testing over, and over, and over again.

Easy to use

With only a few simple buttons, and 2 ways to cycle through colors, Motley couldn’t be easier to use. Your child will master it in minutes!

Motley is safe, simple and smart

Durable and Safe

Choose 1 of 6 fun colors, and rest assured that your child can beas rambunctious as they like. Motley is designed to last. It won’t break easily, or damage your tablet or phone.

It’s Rechargeable

Charged quickly via micro-USB cable, Motley’s super-lightweight, lithium-ion battery gives your child 15 hours of unlimited creating power.

Assisted Writing and Drawing

When your child is learning how to write or color in the lines, Motley can help. A green LED light keeps them on track, and helps them to stay within the lines.


We've been in the design process for two years and the Scribble has gone through various design changes to get it to where we are now, a working prototype that’s ready for use in home and business applications. Because of its small size we have created a number of innovations never seen before in the color reproduction industry. We are also always looking for feedback and opinions from our supporters and want to create a community of supporters as part of this Kickstarter project. We created Scribble for YOU and want you to be a part of the process!

Technical Specifications


iOS 7+, Android 4.0+

Color Sensor

RGB Sensor


Bluetooth Smart, Micro USB

Tips Included


Battery Life

10 Hours


166.60 x 20.76mm
(6.56 x 0.81 in.)


Quick answers for your questions

Will my Scribble pen work without a mobile device?

Yes. Scribble will be designed to work with or without a mobile device. You can capture colors even if you don’t have a smart phone.  

Is it possible to refill the ink inside the pen?

Yes, when your pen is running low on ink, simply order a new ink cartridge and replace the empty one

What is the difference between the Smart Pen and Smart Stylus?

The pen is designed for drawing on paper, while the smart stylus is designed for writing or drawing on mobile devices like an iPad, iPad Pro, an Android tablet, or a Microsoft Surface tablet.

Can the Scribble Pen double as a Stylus?

Scribble Pen cannot be used to draw on a digital screen. For drawing on tablets, you’ll have to get an awesome Scribble Smart Stylus.

Do I need an Internet Connection to use Scribble?

An Internet connection isn’t required to use your Scribble and capture all the colors of your world, but to transfer your captured colors to a mobile device, you will need a Bluetooth connection.


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