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ARMOURCARD - Anti Theft RFID Blocking

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49.99 $49.99

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Armourcard credit card protection

New Micro-jamming technology stops pick pockets cold!

armourcard protects every card in your wallet or purse by creating an electronic Force Field.

One smart card electronically protects them all.

Similar in size to your credit cards and fits right alongside them, armourcardactively detects and jams out electronic thieves.

What is the difference between ACTIVE and PASSIVE protection?

Firstly lets break down what we mean by ‘Active’ & ‘Passive’ protection.

What is Passive RFID Protection?

Passive Protection means items like, aluminium wallets or sleeves that try to “block or shield” a RFID reader from reading the RFID cards by shielding or blocking signals with the use of materials.^


RFID blocking is a form of passive shielding of RFID signals through either a metallic encased wallet like Aluma Wallet or a passive lined material RFID blocking wallet or RFID blocking sleeve like most you see on the market currently. This passive protection has varied effectiveness^

What is Active RFID Protection?

Armourcard‘s patented* ‘Active RFID Protection’ means that once you place Armourcard in any wallet or purse it is ready to protect you and your data electronically.

If a criminal tries to read any of your RFID enabled cards, Armourcard instantly powers up and puts out a battery boosted jamming signal that electronically jams the communication link between your contact-less cards (Tap & Go) and the criminals reader trying to skim them for your personal data.


Unlike other passive card type protection, Armourcard does not rely on the power of a RFID signal to power up its jamming forcefield, that is why Armourcard can jam and protect with a greater protective field of over 150mm (6 inches) in total giving you a superior battery boosted electronic forcefield of protection around your RFID cards & documents.

Why Armourcard’s Active Jamming is better protection that Passive blocking or shielding

Some people will tell your that passive protection like RFID blocking or shielding is enough to protect you, then on the other hand there are skilled hackers who tell us that if they dial up a more powerful RFID readers output it can penetrate passive shielding measures like RFID blocking by RFID blocking sleeves and RFID blocking wallets.^

Armourcard offers ACTIVE security measures that electronically JAM all signals operating on the frequency these contact-less devices communicate over (13.56 Mhz).

Armourcard is powered by its own power source (battery) so doesn’t rely on the electromagnetic fields created by Radio Frequency to power up Armourcard’s electronic jamming force-field.

When Armourcard detects a RFID reader trying to communicate, it instantly powers up and jams all signals regardless of who’s it is. Doesn’t matter how much the hacker dials up the RFID signal it will not circumvent Armourcard’s jamming of the communication link these devices communicate over.


The only RFID protection product certified by the FCC. Secure your identity today!


Only armourcard protects you with battery

Powered Active Jamming

Unique functions that make life simple


armourcard detects when a skimmer is trying to read your wallet and immediately turns on to electronically jam the signal.


When you need to use your cards for shopping or ID scanning, simply touch the finger sensitive button and jamming is temporarily deactivated.


Set and forget for up to two years FCC approved protection. Test your battery anytime with a simple one-touch function.


WHO is armourcard for?

For anyone who owns a Current Passport or ‘Tap & Go’ credit card.

WHAT does it do?

Automatically protects and electronically STOPS criminals from wirelessly skimming your personal information.

WHEN do you need it?

At all times if you own and carry any Tap & Go credit cards in your wallet or purse or have a passport and are traveling.

WHERE do you put it?

Place Armourcard in your wallet, purse or with your travel documents Technology is constantly exploited by criminals.

WHY do you need it?

For less than the cost of a cup of coffee per month, Armourcard will protect and give you peace of mind.

How long will it take to receive my Armourcard?

We try and post out most days via Australia Post, please bare in mind overseas orders will take longer than domestic orders.

Can I replace the battery in my Armourcard?

Due to the slim profile of the Armourcard teamed with the tiny components used inside we where unable to install a replaceable battery in the card, however each Armourcard contains a special ultra-thin Lithium battery that has been tested to last the minimum 18 – 24 months with average use*

So think about it this way for less than the price of a cup of coffee a month your protected with the most superior electronic countermeasure to wireless skimming crime.

How long will the battery last?

Your new Armourcard’s battery has been tested and should last on average between 18 months and 2 years based on average* usage.

How can I save battery life?

There are a few things you can do to extend your battery life they are:

  1. Ensure that your Armourcard is not near the ‘tap & go’ terminal (reader) when you use your credit or debit card to pay at the terminal. – This will mean Armourcard’s will be far enough away & the jamming feature will not power up.
  2. When you pay using a ‘tap & go’ credit / debit card take card out of your wallet and pay – again this means Armourcard does not get near enough to the reader to get a signal & then power up
  3. Refrain from using the disable jamming feature as this powers up card to turn jamming off when in range of a reader – (refer to point 1 & 2 above)

By doing this you will only be using your Armourcard as it is intended as a security device in your wallet and therefore it will only be using power when someone illegally tries to interrogate / skim your cards or passports.

* average use has been calculated by being powered up 10 times a day (ie putting out a jamming signal or using the disable jamming / battery test feature for several seconds at a time)

Is it safe to use Armourcard?

Armourcard is designed to jam RFID signals using the most common bandwidth for contact-less devices of 13.56Mhz we also comply with international standards around RFID usage, as Armourcard is designed to stop people skimming your personal data, you should have no problems.

If you forget to either disable jamming feature or take your RFID enabled card away from Armourcard when at a ‘wave & go’ payment terminal it can often reset the terminal. The best practice is to either disable jamming well before you tap&go or just take the credit card you want to pay with out of your wallet before you tap and go.

What about ePassports?


Firstly if your passport has the symbol on it (see below) then it is an ePassport and can communicate your data wirelessly to a RFID reader.

Please ensure that Armourcard is away from your passports when you give it to customs for them to scan your passport, if you don’t the customs system will show a read error and you may get taken aside to get your passport read from another terminal / customs operator.

Diagram Key:


a) You

b) Your ePassport get read by a Customs RFID terminal

c) Your passport data comes up on customs officers screen

Airport security

Your Armourcard is fine and approved to go through Airport security.

How far does Armourcard Jam?

Armourcard creates a jamming forcefield that is in total over 150 mm (6 inches), so 76 mm (3 inches) from the back of Armourcard and 76 mm (3 inches) from the front. So simply ensure your RFID (radio frequency identification) credit cards like your Visa PayWave® or Mastercards PayPass® or Amex ExpressPay® are all in this jamming proximity field.

Proximity - where do I need to put my cards?


To receive the best results from your Armourcard we suggest you keep all your RFID enabled cards stacked / layered together within your wallet or purse.

Then simply place Armourcard in the most convenient spot so you can use ‘temporally disable jamming button’ that will enable you to use your ‘Tap & Go’ payment cards like PayWave or PayPass as normal without having to take your cards out of your wallet to use the gateways or having take them away from Armourcard‘s jamming signal. 

Note: Jamming proximity is up to 7.62 cm (3 inches) in front and (3 inches) rear of the Armourcard so over 15cm or 6 Inches total.


Pretty convenient isn’t it. You get the best of both worlds.

Armourcard‘s ‘Active Jamming’ to protect all your data from ePickpockets and the convenience to temporarily turn off Armourcard‘s jamming so you can still get all the benefits of fast check-outs with the ‘wave & go’ payment terminals.


Armourcard and using your Tap & Go cards


Using your ‘Tap & Go’ RFID enabled cards

We recommend that you either use the temporarily disable Armourcard‘s jamming signal button first if you are wanting to use the ‘Tap & Go’ payment terminals.

Simply place you thumb or finger on the gold coloured skin sensitive switch, you will notice the green LED light starts to flash indicating that jamming* has been disabled.

Or you could simply take your ‘Tap & Go’ payment card out of your wallet and use, ensuring that it is nowhere near the Armourcard.


*Note: disabling the jamming only happens while you have your finger over the skin sensitive switch. If you remove your finger ‘Active jamming’ commences.

We also advise to not wave Armourcard across the terminals as this could cause a terminal re-boot which could be a hassle for you trying to pay fast.


Please note: Visa payWave, Mastercard PayPass & American Express ExpressPay are all registered trademarks of the afore mentioned relevant card issuing companies,These companies do not sponsor or officially endorse this product or website, Armourcard merely provides a security solution to consumers concerns over the use of this ‘contactless’ technology

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