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Nubrella - Hands Free Umbrella

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$69.99 $99.99

Nubrella® is a breakthrough product innovation. It is a hands-free, invertible weather protector, conveniently worn backpack-style.


What is Nubrella

Nubrella is a breakthrough product innovation. It is a hands-free, non-invertible umbrella/weather protector, conveniently worn backpack-style.

  • New open front for perfect vision non-interfered communication
  • Functions like a hood going back and forth when needed
  • Extended coverage in front protecting you and smart devices
  • Easily stores down users back – no need to carry anything
  • Backpack style worn for strong support – impossible to invert
  • Weighs only 2.5lbs.


Holding your arm up in the air for an extended period of time does not fit into our mobile-centric multi-tasking lives nor does relying on the inferior protection of a raincoat. Nubrella solves this century-old behavior with a breakthrough superior hands-free solution for today’s technology-driven society. Nubrella is durable and stable while on the body, supported with backpack straps and a back-support, firmly holding Nubrella in place. Our patented aerodynamic canopy can withstand up to 40mph winds and cannot invert. Our extended coverage from the sides block wind-chill and noise, while from the front, our extended protection provides more coverage for you and your smart devices. Nubrella is ideal for both the workforce and everyday recreational activities. So go ahead…text, talk, read and take pictures with confidence that you are staying dry and hands-free.

Easy to Use:

We have designed Nubrella to be comfortably worn like a backpack and function like a hood, eliminating the need to carry anything! Nubrella is put on just like a backpack and has adjustable straps for a super custom fit.These two widely accepted behaviors make Nubrella incredibly intuitive and easy to wear. When not in use, simply press the two red buttons and the canopy springs back, storing Nubrella down your back just like a hood. When not worn, Nubrella has a built-in carrying handle for added convenience.


Weighing a mere 3 lbs., Nubrella is conveniently worn backpack style and functions like a hood. When not in use, it stores down your back. Simple. Intuitive. Eliminating the need to carry anything. For those that want to carry stuff? No problem. Nubrella sports a backpack that clips on for an ultra-secure connection.



Nubrella is designed and priced for the masses. Our sleek retro aerodynamic design looks like something from the future — but it’s here now! GET YOURS and be one of the first to enjoy hands-free weather innovation. GET YOURS NOW



The Problem

Weather protection has remained stagnant for centuries. Our current weather protection gear isn’t doing the job!

We are still relying on two antiquated products for our weather protection: the umbrella and the raincoat / hood. The umbrella is widely known for ‘inverting’, but the biggest problem with the umbrella… …You have to hold it!

4.5 billion users are well aware of the significant flaws and limitations of these current products and have had no alternative…

….until Now


The Solution

The late amazing Steven Jobs said it best;

“How does someone know what they want if they have never even seen it before?”

We couldn’t agree more. Up to now no one has ever though of or imagined a hands-free umbrella.

Yet, everyone can imagine a time they wished they had one. Whether; riding a bike, watching a sporting event, walking the dog, delivering the mail, standing at the Macy’s Day Parade, collecting shopping carts and many more the uses for a hands-free &non-invertible umbrella are endless.

A hands-free umbrella is a natural fit in today’s technology-driven world where everyone is dependent upon smart phones and tablets; socially and in the workplace. Rain doesn’t care about your device. We do! Our devices need protection and Nubrella is the answer.


Are you ready to go hands-free?


Back in December of 2002, on a windy rainy day, sitting in a coffee shop in busy Manhattan, I began to notice of how everyone was struggling with their umbrella. We have all experienced the frustrating battles trying to maintain our umbrella in the proper position in windy conditions and prevent it from inverting and breaking.

It was at that moment an image appeared in my mind of what an alternative umbrella design should look like — and immediately sketched it. I also took notice of the faces of those working in the rain that couldn’t hold an umbrella and had to rely merely on a raincoat and hood.

I can tell you they didn’t look too happy.

Every great idea begins with a small thought. On that rainy, windy, miserable day in NYC, that small thought changed my life. And now, I am about to change yours! Nubrella® worked with some of the leading product design & engineering firms to develop something far overdue. I hope you enjoy it!

Nubrella Future Vision

“I predict in the very near future people around the world will be wearing a weather protection device instead of holding one.”    Alan M. Kaufman, Founder


We have identified over 125 usages/applications in the commercial and recreational fields. Here are just a few….



  • Construction workers
  • Delivering the mail
  • Scientist, biologist
  • News, sports reporters
  • Collecting shopping carts
  • Directing traffic
  • Security detail
  • Parking attendants/ticket coll
  • Food, beverage & parcel delivery
  • Movers


  • Riding a bike
  • Walking the dog
  • Watching a sporting event
  • Hiking, fishing, hunting
  • In a wheelchair
  • Tailgating
  • At a parade, Disney, marathon
  • Shoveling snow
  • Standing in line
  • Waiting for bus or train
Nubrella Pack:  Includes a fully integrated detachable Nubrella custom backpack in the rear. For those who want a hands-free Nubrella and a backpack.  soon1
Nubrell Sun: Made of high grade waterproof sun reflection material. For those who desire more protection against extreme heat and the sun’s dangerous rays.
Nubrella Kids: Kids will love our new fun hands-free umbrella. Parents will to as we have taken away all sharp points and rods.
Nubrella Mobile: Wireless Bluetooth speakers will be embedded in the rear to complete hands-free communication. Go ahead and talk, listen to music or the game.



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Nubrella is a hands-free, non-invertible umbrella/weather protector, conveniently worn backpack-style. Open front for perfect vision and non-interfered communication. Plus, extended frontal coverage protecting you and your smart devices. Comfortably worn with shoulder straps and secures with waist strap for complete hands-free capability. When not needed with the simple press of a button canopy secures down users back (like a hood) — eliminating the need to carry anything!



For those who need a backpack with their Nubrella® whether riding a bike, hiking or many other we have designed our own custom waterproof backpack that is specifically designed to fit to the rear Nubrella® easily snapping on and off.

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