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Nonoji Waffle peeler

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8.99 $8.99

"Waffle peeler" is a peeler that anyone can easily make into a waffle shape (mesh shape) by simply changing the angle of the ingredients and scraping.
The result is a gorgeous and fun shape that makes you want to show off to someone.

Waffle peeler and waffle salad

The patented original design "Wave Blade" sharpens the ingredients with wavy streaks.
When shaving the second time, if you shave at a different angle (about 30 to 90 degrees) from the first time, you can easily make a waffle shape by creating uneven parts with different angles on the upper and lower surfaces.
The deep concave part reaches the convex part on the back side and becomes transparent like a mesh.Waffle shape long

The "wave blade" is a patented "protruding blade structure" that is different from the conventional peeler blade.
By protruding the part to be scraped from the left and right support parts to the front, wide ingredients can be scraped from all angles.
For this reason, radishes can be cut into long waffles.

Protruding blade structure

The finish is a little thick waffle-like, but you can enjoy a light crispy feeling by making the vegetables mesh-like.
It has a light texture that melts when you put it in your mouth, so it is also recommended for small children and the elderly who do not have teeth.

Dressings and sauces are easily entwined with the ingredients, and they are easy to get used to.
The uneven shape has a thick part and a thin part, and you can feel the taste of a solid material that is comparable to dressing in spite of its light texture. In addition, it does not easily collapse even when heated or rolled.

To use, just put your index finger in the central finger ring, put the blade on the ingredients and pull lightly.
Hard foods are stable when you put your index finger on the neck.

Just rinse with water to clean. With a safety blade cover that can be attached and detached with one touch.

It is said that people get 80% of the information from their eyes when they eat, but it is said that this tendency is strong especially in the Japanese food culture that has developed as a unique culture that emphasizes decoration.
It is useful for decorating dishes.
Not only special dishes for special occasions, but also daily meals can be easily changed to special ones.

The fun of appearance is very important for small children who can easily judge their likes and dislikes from their appearance.
A big "!" For your daily lunch and meals with just a little effort.

Waffle peeler cooking image

* Precautions for use
This product is a knife. Please be careful not to cut your hands when using.
We recommend using thin rubber gloves.

Dealers: Tokyu Hands, 212 Kitchen, AEON Retail stores, etc.

* Depending on the store, it may not be available.

* Hitokuchi Memo
Waffle peeler uses root vegetables such as radish and carrot.
You can easily make the popular "vegetable broth" just by adding these root vegetable skins, calyxes, and kudzu vegetables and simmering for 2 to 30 minutes.
Root vegetables contain many nutrients in the skin, and when they are simmered softly, they become sweet and delicious.
Also, in order to finish it in a waffle shape, it is necessary to shave the root vegetables twice at different angles, but the one that is shaving the first time does not become a waffle shape.
Please add this as well. The trick is to add 1 teaspoon of sake. Please give it a try!

Patent registration:
No. 5997753-Protruding blade No. 5919166-Wavy
neck part
No. 5968515-Wave blade

Utility model registration:
No. 3143312-Blade cover

Design registration:
No. 1470383-Ring part
No. 1470719-Finger rest shoulder

* Patents and related information are subject to change.

Product number W1WP-01PG
colour Pure light green
size 7.1 x 3.3 x 18.3 cm
Weight Approximately 26g * When the blade cover is attached
material Body / blade cover: Polypropylene resin
blade: 420J2 stainless steel
Heatproof temperature 120 ℃
Country of origin China

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