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Neutrogena Light Therapy Acne Spot Treatment

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$17.99 $24.99

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About Neutrogena Brand

Neutrogena is a brand of the Johnson & Johnson Family of Consumer Companies. The #1 dermatologist recommended* skincare brand, Neutrogena offers some of the world's most loved beauty and skin care lines, and manufactures and markets products in over 70 countries.

*Neutrogena is the #1 OTC brand recommended by Dermatologists in the USA. (Source: Dermatologist Recommendation Study. Gfk. 2015.

Neutrogena Light Therapy Acne Spot Treatment

Light Therapy, clinically proven technology dermatologist use to treat acne

Neutrogena Light Therapy Acne Spot Treatment harnesses the light therapy technology used in the dermatologist office to target and treat breakouts quickly. Clinically proven to speed the reduction of breakouts, this acne spot treatment uses red and blue light to treat acne without flaking or burning your skin. Its patent-pending design allows light to surround the pimple for effective, targeted treatment: blue light penetrates just beneath the surface to target acne causing bacteria, while red light goes deeper into the skin to reduce inflammation. The easy-to-use, portable design is ideal for on-the-go acne treatment, and leaves behind no mess or residue.

At a Glance:

  • Uses red and blue light therapy
  • Targets and treats acne without flaking
  • Clinically Proven, FDA-cleared, UV-free
How to use NEUTROGENA's Light Therapy Acne Spot Treatment

How to use:

1) Remove battery tab from bottom of device or it won’t power on.

2) Press and hold the power button for a FULL second until device beeps to begin treatment.

3) Apply directly on clean skin so light is fully surrounding pimple.

4) Treat for 2 minutes. Device will automatically turn off after 2 minutes.

5) Use 3x per day until the pimple is gone.

If light stops working, just replace the AAA battery for continued use. Battery can be replaced by using a small philips head screw driver.

Avoid shining light in eye.

Pop-Up Pimple? Light is on it.

LED lights work by gently penetrating the skin
Clinically proven to speed the reduction of breakouts
NEUTROGENA's 2 minute acne treatment

-- Clinically Proven.

-- Technology Dermatologists Use.

-- Targets and treats.

-- For all skin types.

-- No flaking or itching.

-- No lasers, UV Free.

-- 2 minute treatment.

-- Use anytime, anywhere.

-- No mess or residue.

More Product Information

How to change the battery for the Acne Spot Treatment
How Light Therapy Works
Neutrogena Light Therapy Acne Mask

How To Change The Battery for Continued Use

Device is powered by 1 AAA battery and not limited to battery life. You will know your battery is low when the device flashes/beeps 3 times after pressing and holding the power button. For continued use, just swap out the battery by using a small Philips type ‘O’ screw driver to remove the bottom white cap. Then, pull the silver casing away from device to access the battery. Follow the direction on the device to place the battery in the right orientation. Once battery is replaced, place the silver casing back on the device. It is important you line up the notch of the bottom white cap to the corresponding hole on the device and screw the white cap back on with your Philips head screwdriver. The smaller of the two notches needs to align with the front side of the grey casing that has Neutrogena logo on it.

How Light Therapy Works

Light therapy technology has been used by dermatologists in their offices for over a decade. LED lights work by gently penetrating the skin at various depths to stimulate the skin’s physiology. Blue light targets acne-causing bacteria while red light reduces acne inflammation.

Looking for a full face treatment?

Neutrogena Light Therapy Acne Mask is also available!

Still have questions? Please contact Neutrogena customer service.

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