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Nerdwax - Keeps Your Glasses Up

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Quick overview

$10.99 $14.99


Finally... a simple and effective way to keep your glasses from sliding down your nose.

You may have seen us featured on one of these cool websites!

How does it work?

Well I'm glad you asked...

Nerdwax is super simple and can be used in 3 easy steps!


We think we know what you're thinking...

and made a video to prove it! 

So, Why Kickstarter?

We love the Kickstarter community and think it's the perfect place to launch nerdwax.

We need to raise enough money for the first ever production run ofnerdwax!!

Our Friends & Family have been enjoying the benefits of nerdwax for a few years now, on both prescription eyewear and sunglasses...

Now we are excited to share it with you!

Red Hot Products | Nerdwax 

Do you have problems keeping your glasses in place? Our latest product to join the Red Hot Sunglasses range is sure to shoot to the top of your wishlist… Presenting to you – Nerdwax!

Created as part of a Kickstarter campaign, Nerdwax is designed for the simple task of keeping your glasses on!


Made from all natural materials (the main ingredients being organic beeswax and coconut oil), Nerdwax was created by none other than Don Hejny from Tennassee,  the man behind the phenomenalKickstarter campaign which began in early 2014. By definition on the official  Nerdwax website‘Nerdwax is a beeswax based blend of All Natural and Certified Organic ingredients specially formulated to keep your glasses in place.’

It comes in a single lip-balm sized tube for multiple uses and is easily applied to the bridge and ear-tips to give your frames a better grip. This simple invention has taken the internet by storm and soon it will be available to purchase right here at Red Hot.


Though not without us telling you first of its’ amazing journey into your checkout basket….

An audio-engineer and father of two, Hejny said he came up with the idea after attending a concert in Texas and became frustrated for the musician who was constantly having to adjust her glasses and push them up her nose. Hejny, like most fellow glasses wearers’ could understand the frustration of her having to constantly re-position her glasses and decided he would come up with a solution.

“I remember after that show calling my wife and being like ‘I just had the most amazing idea,'” Hejny told Mashable.

He immediately began experimenting with materials, formula’s and various combinations of ingredients and insisted on an all-natural composition as the product would be constantly touching the sensitive skin on the wearers’ face.

After beginning his campaign where he intended to raise $5,000, by April 2014 he had exceeded his target to $16,000. Today, the overall amount pledged is something like $61,000 with over 1,000 backers.

As champion’s of eyewear we just can’t wait to be part of Nerdwax and its’ rise to success. Will you be purchasing your own?



How to apply Nerdwax

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