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Neko jasuri - Cat Groomer

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Cat jelly fans are rapidly increasing!

A fun new habit for living with cats. A mysterious tool that cats can catch up with enthusiastically "Cat jelly"

How to use a cat

Since it has fine comb teeth on the whole surface, you can stroke from any direction. Please gently stroke while looking at the cat's situation.

Cat gathered in cats favorite cats in real use

Stray cats · Protective cats also enchanted

I got past the air

Are you planning to groom yourself! What? 
Please watch a movie that is feeling too much pleasantly. 

What is a new communication stick for cats and humans "cat jelly"

A long-established store has made use of its technology When I made a brush for this, I was able to "cat cat" with a communication brush that cats can catch on.

 Popular with cloud funding. Thank you for your cooperation.

Is the secret of secret ...?

A fine raspy surface like a rough tongue of a cat is a secret of pleasure.

The surface of the tongue of the cat is gritty and has the role of a brush that brushes the hair (grooming). It is painful to lick with the tongue of the cat because the surface of the tongue is like a file.

The act of grooming has a relaxing effect for cats, and it also creates communication between the cats. 

I reproduced the tongue of the cat!

The trigger for development is the love cat "Goga"

Beginning was a coincidence discovery. One day I was struggling to develop a file made of resin for vegetables one day, when I tried it as a brush on a domestic cat "Goga", a good response that apparently seemed pleasant returned. Perhaps it is similar to this texture and I tried repeated prototypes, "Neko gull" was completed. 

The charisma of the cat world is favorite cat chatter

Mass Comm record

  • 2018.7.20 "Neko jasuri" was published in the Nikkei Trendy August issue.

    "Neko jyuri" was published in the August issue of Nikkei Trendy 2018.

  • 2018.2.24 "Neko jasuri" was published in the Nikkei Newspaper.

    "Neko jyuri" was published in the Nihon Keizai Shimbun published by Nihon Keizai Shimbun!
  • 2018.1.23 "Cat Groomer" was posted in the Chinese newspaper.

    "Cat jelly" was posted in the Chinese newspaper published by the China Newspaper!
  • 2017.11.27 "Neko jasuri" was posted on Nikkei MJ!

    "Neko jyuri" was posted on Nikkei MJ published by Nihon Keizai Shimbun!

  • 2017.10.19 "Neko jasuri" was posted in Nihon Ryutsu Sangyo Shimbun.

    "Neko jyuri" was posted in the Nippon Fuso Sangyo newspaper published by Nippon Ryutsu Shimbun newspaper!

  • 2017.10.4 On the JFN radio 【OH! HAPPY MORNING】, "Neko jasuri" was introduced.

    OH! HAPPY MORNING Inside corner 【OH! HAPPY STYLE】, "Neko jyuri" was introduced.Broadcast date and time: October 4 (Wed) 10 minutes from 10:20 to 10:30 Personality: Ken Kamata (Tamada Ken) Kobayashi Chizuru / oh / Twitter: @ hapimoni "...
  • 2017.2.6 TV TOKYO / BS JAPAN: World Business Satellite "Trend Egg" Program Appearance

    This time, the cat 's grandson "Neko jyaruri" which we are developing at the popular corner "Trend Egg" of TV Tokyo · BS Japan' s program "World Business Satellite" will be introduced.If you are interested, please watch it. Program name: World Business Satellite "Trend Egg" Broadcast date: 201 ...

Helpless face contests in progress

With SNS posting, love cats are holding a face campaign! Please post a gracious face photo of your love cat and a vaguous movie using cat pears! For a wonderfully entranced photo or video, you can get a convenience store QUO card! ! 

Product specification

After use it can be washed with water and can be kept clean.

Color variations

I aimed for a color to be like in the space of the house. 


About name insertion

Why do not you put the name of a cat of love? If you ordered a name-inserted item, in the remarks column of the order form,

  1. Name to put in
  2. Character types (hiragana, katakana, kanji, romaji)

Please fill in. The font is as shown in the sample picture and can not be selected. 


Q,Frequently Asked Questions

Can you get hair?


It is not a commodity for taking out hair, but it may be taken in the hair change period.


Can it be used for dogs?


It can be used for short hair dogs. Chihuahua etc can be used (short hair such as stomach around).


Can I use it for rabbits and other small animals?


Because it is a product developed for cats, please try gently while watching the appearance.


Can I use it for long hair type?


Since the comb teeth do not reach the skin, we do not basically recommend it.


How much force should I use?


Please look at the reaction of the cat and use it as if you scratch the itchy part. 
Please try using the power as if your cat is grooming.


Is it OK to wash with detergent?


It's okay.


Is it okay to boil disinfect?


The heat resistant temperature is 80 ℃, so boiling and disinfecting can not be done


Can I put my name?


Is possible. Please see here.


Can you gift wrap?


Please add from "Add gift wrapping" button when you put it in the cart.


I do not mind cats at all, what should I do?


Because it is a living thing, there is of course personality. 
Some cats are easy to get into, and some cats do not mind for a couple of years. 
Please take your time and love it slowly.

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