We regularly feature robotic vacuum solutions in our daily home goods roundup, and today Neato is introducing its new line of automated floor cleaners. Much like you’ve seen from previous genBotvacs and XV Neato products, the new Botvac D series features the company’s Botvision laser navigation, SpinFlow power cleaning technology and are made to “automatically and methodically vacuum every day, whether you’re home or not.” But where the refreshed lineup stands apart is in the “sleek” design, newly designed spiral brushes and more:

Neato-Botvac-D series-02

Along with the new spiral blade brush that can handle a “wider variety of floor surfaces,” the new D series is apparently much quieter than previous gen versions on hard floors. The onboard Botvision tech ensures Neato vacs take care of business in a methodical way, leaving straight lines on your carpet and tackling each room in an efficient manner, according to the company.

Neato-Botvac-D series-06

Split into three models, the D75, D80 and D85, the latter two are designed specifically for taking care of pet hair and will run you an extra $50 -$100. The D75 has a suggested retail price of $499 and is the workhorse model that is “especially efficient on hardwood floors.” The D80 and D85 include a combo brush and an even quieter operation.  It looks like we are going to see a July 1st launch date