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NakeFit - adhesive pad for walking freely

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$17.99 $19.99

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 Easy On 

 Easy Off 



STREET - Anti-cutting and resistant to all paving.


BEACH - Walk on hot sand without thinking. 

 Save your feet from hot superficies.

POOL - Waterproof and appropriate for the swimming pool.


Don’t slip and safely run.

Nakefit saves the feet of your children from verrucas and dangerous slips.

 SPA - Forgot your flip-flops.

 PARK - Be free to walk everywhere.


NakeFit Black (3 Pairs)


NakeFit Blue (3 Pairs)

NakeFit Pink ( 3 Pairs )

Nakefit Sizes

  • NakeFit is an adhesive sole that is enabling people around the world with the comfort & luxury of walking barefoot, while still protecting their feet! 
  • With NakeFit's easy-on and easy-off solution, in just a few secon100%people can apply the NakeFit sole and enjoy the freedom of walking barefoot.
  • Walk through busy streets without being worried about massive exposure to grime and pollutants . NakeFit soles are built to remain durable on different types of street paving and help people avoid skin abrasions on the bottom of their feet. 
  • Walk the beach comfortably on a hot & sunny day, with no worries about stepping on scorching hot sand.
  • NakeFit soles are waterproof, which make them the preferred "shoewear" option for a day in the swimming pool or at a water park. 
  • NakeFit's technology assists in protecting the feet of children from dangerous slips.
  • During a relaxing day at the Spa, forget those cumbersome flip flops and enjoy the freedom of NakeFit.
  • Fully immerse yourself in nature's beauty by using NakeFit soles to walk barefoot throughout parks.

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