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Nail file clipper fillet

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8.99 $8.99

"Nail clippers" to shave era!

New idea born from mold technology Kawagiri

After snapping with snacks, there are crack nails and deep claws. In addition to the two nail clippings that happens. This is because the surface of the nail is made of three layers, 
It is because the layer becomes easy to peel at the moment when you snap off. 
It appeared there, "Do not cut" claws. "Magical nail clippers" "nail king" are scraping and wilting, 
Nail powder enters inside the main body. Moreover, the sharpened tip part is "shimmering" and shining finis

Characteristics of unclean clip

  • From nail clippers to finishing, completed with this one!
  • Convenient pen type for storage and carrying
  • Specifications to prevent deep fingernail and safety consideration
  • The shavings fall into the inside of the main body, and can not spill
  • Remove the bottom cap, easy cleaning Easy to wash with water!
  • On the back side of the main body, with trimming blades that you can use as you like
  • The blade part can be safely designed even if you touch it with your hands

Production by a mold craftsman

Three points

Scraped faint disappears into the body and can not spill! If it is used in the set with trimming blade on the reverse side to make it more beautiful finish! Removal cap of scrap residue

how to use

You can shave any nail angle against any blade! Remove the scraps to the trash can!

Renewal of blades powered up

The initial model is about 70 blades The latest model is about 300 blades. More smoothly, with a sharp cutting blade! The bladed blade continues to improve and now seventh generation









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