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Mu System International Charger

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Quick overview



The Mu System is compatible with all makes and models of smartphone, tablets, MP3 players and pretty much all USB-charged devices. The Mu System consists of two parts: a power block with USB connector and separate plug attachments that are suitable for every socket type worldwide. Specifically: 

The Brit - pocket-sized and portable, this plug will reduce your overall UK plug size by over 70%. Say goodbye to bulky UK chargers!


The American
 - pocket-sized with fold-away pins, the streamlined design plugs flat against the socket and is the perfect travel companion.

The European - portable, with a 90 degree rotation , this plug head enables you to charge the products you love with a stylish twist.

The Aussie - down under travelling with a charger made easy with our smart, configurative design. It couldn't be simpler!



Simply swap on the plug head for the country you are in and plug in to the mains socket to charge your devices.

Why the Mu System...

The Mu System is a must-have for any frequent traveler. The design suits all lifestyles - it's small, light, and the components are easy to switch between. 
Buy the complete Mu System so that you always have the plug you need, wherever you are. 

If you don't travel, don't worry. You can buy the Mu with a single plug head of your choice and along with it comes our award-wining charging experience. Light, compact and stylish. And tiny!

How the Mu System works...

The Mu System has been designed to work with a simple, patented, click-on and click-off swapping of the plug heads. Ideal if you want a slimline, lightweight charger for day-to-day use, or if you need international variants to suit a travelling lifestyle. Simple, practical, beautiful.



UK & plug type G countries, including Hong Kong and the United Arab Emirates.



US & plug type A countries, including Japan, China, Saudi Arabia and Canada.



EU & plug type C countries, including China, Korea and South America.



AUS & plug type I countries, including Australasia, China and Argentina.




Features Overview...

The Mu System includes a 2.4Amp single port USB charger unit and an interchangeable plug head to adapt the charger to any country's socket type.


For high-quality performance, the Mu System also has an embedded auto-detect chip enabling the Mu to identify the device being connected and, in turn, deliver device-optimum charge. 





• All smartphones, including iPhones and Android devices.
• All tablets, including iPads.
• MP3 players, including iPods.
• Most small USB-charged devices. 

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