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MOTA SmartRing

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129.99 $129.99

The Smart Ring's companion app for Android and iOS devices allows ultra fine-grained control of notifications to be displayed on the ring. Low energy Bluetooth 4.0 communications provides a stable connection between your phone and your SmartRing.  



The ring lets you scroll through text at your own speed. Whoever your VIPs are, you’ll ensure you never miss another text, email, or phone call from them again!


Customize your ring to notify you only of a select few if you're crunching low on time. Expand your circle of contacts for when you don't mind being in touch with the world. The MOTA SmartRing gives you back the most precious thing of all: time.  

Charging this ring is as easy as taking it off and putting it down. The MOTA SmartRing allows you to stay wire-free, charging your SmartRing via its charging station. Simply place your ring on top of the inductive wireless charging station, and let the ring top itself off. 


With you in mind, we created a ring to fit your hectic schedule. Whether you are confined to your cubicle at work, or a busy parent of three getting updates from your babysitter, the ring brings you everything you need, all with a flick of a finger.






The SmartRing lets you assign specific alerts to your key contacts, so you can know who's trying to reach you without looking at your phone.





Picture yourself in a meeting where answering a phone call would be impolite. No worries, you can customize your phone to alert you only when necessary, and read the alerts right from your ring, not even having to take out your phone. The MOTA SmartRing helps you streamline your life . Even with your phone buried in a bag or purse, you can still be updated on all your incoming text messages, right from your SmartRing.



Never lose your inner fashionista. This SmartRing initially comes in beautiful midnight black and pearl white. Its sleek simple look blends in perfectly with your look, whether you're on Madison Avenue or Venice Beach.  

This SmartRing is as rugged as it is sleek, engineered to withstand day-to-day wears and tears. It's shock and water resistant and its bright screen is readable even outdoors.



Without you, the production for this ring cannot happen. But with your support, together we can bring a new level of usefulness to wearable technology. Better yet, you'll be among the first to own this SmartRing at a very special price!

Initially, the SmartRing will ship with support Android® and IOS enabled devices (e.g iPhone®) with calls, text messages, email, and calendar notification. We are also working on popular social networking notifications such as Facebook® and Twitter®. We will continue to move further if you love the SmartRing enough, where you can help us extend it to your favorite apps.

If you love the SmartRing enough, help us extend it to your favorite apps. This SmartRing is also designed to go with you wherever you go. This feather-light ring will become part of your daily life, and soon, you won’t be able to live without it!








Q: How are the ring sizes going to work?

A: Our current plan is to create one or two ring sizes (e.g. small and large) and provide user-changeable interior pieces to adjust the ring's shank (similar concept as the Bluetooth ear pieces).  This way a perfect fit can be made. 


Q: How much will battery last with a full charge?  And how do you charge it?

A: With our current prototype, depending on usage, battery can last between 1-3 days.  MOTA SmartRing can be charged using most QI wireless charging stations. 


Q: How can I choose the color of the ring that I want?

A: Once the project is funded and we are close to finalizing orders, you will be receiving a survey email where you can specify your preferred color.  To ensure a timely delivery, if you do not specify a color, the black SmartRing will be shipped.


Q: Can it be used on iOs and Androids?

A: Yes.  SmartRing will be able to sync with iPhone and Android devices. 


Q: Will there be some type of app so that you can tailor the types of notifications you receive?

A: Yes.  SmartRing will connect with a free downloadable app that allows you to set your alerts as well as your VIP contacts. 

スマートリング(指輪型ウェアラブルデバイス)、MOTA SmartRing



「ウェアラブル」という言葉をニュースでみかけることが徐々に増え、9月はじめにはApple Watchも発表されました。こうしたウェアラブルグッズに興味はあるものの、スーツやワンピースなど普段の服装とはあまりマッチしなさそうなものが多いという理由などから、身につけるのには消極的になってしまっていませんか?

2014年9月5日から10日までベルリンで開催されていた欧州最大級の家電展示会IFAで披露されたばかりのMOTA SmartRingは、その名のとおりスマートな指輪で、専用アプリでAndroidやiPhoneと連動させ、指輪を見れば、着信やメール、SNSでのアップデートなどの通知を受け取ることができるというものです。写真のとおり、厚みのあるシンプルな指輪なので、ガジェットガジェットしておらず、場所を選びません。これなら割と違和感なくつけられそう!



こちらの動画でMOTA共同創設者のKevin Faro氏が指摘していますが、場面によってはスマホを出しづらいこともあります。お客様との打ち合わせ中や食事会などで、おもむろにスマホを確認すると、失礼にあたることもありますね。

MOTA SmartRingの公式サイト上の“Disconnect to connect”というキャッチフレーズでお分かりのとおり、この指輪は、そんなスマホを出せない場面でスマホを手に取らずに新着情報が受け取ることができ、コネクテッドでいられるというものです。



このMOTA SmartRingでは、受け取りたい通知を自分で設定することができます。例えば、「家族」からのメッセージは受け取りたい、このお客様からの電話は、会議中であっても留守電に誘導ではなく、リアルタイムで受けたいというように。メッセージは指輪の上で確認ができ、電話は、着信時に指輪の振動で教えてくれます。





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