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Mojipic - EMOJI car device

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Quick overview

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Meet Mojipic

Introducing Mojipic. The world’s first smart emoji device.

Show everyone on the road how you feel with fun emojis and GIFs. Now, you can make driving more fun than ever!

Send smileys out to considerate drivers, show your love for your favorite sports team or send love hearts to that cutie in the car behind.

Express yourself and get creative on the go!




Day or night, low-light or super-bright light. Everyone will be able to see Mojipic. It’s bright enough to be seen, without being blinding.


Voice Control



Sometimes you just don't have time to get onto your phone, not to mention how stupid it is while driving. You can use Siri or Google to change EMOJIs or GIFs while you drive.


Express Yourself

More than 1500 GIFs, Smiles & Emojis. Baseball Teams, NFL, NBA, NHL, Soccer, flags of countries, national symbols and more.

Get creative


Want to really get creative? Use your phone to create your own unique art. Then use Mojipic to display it to the world!


Drawing in Realtime


8-Bit Games

Miss the days of Tetris and Snake? Mojipic keeps your passengers entertained with pre-installed 8-bit games.

Generate QR-Code

Want to share your story? Your business? or you just want an easy way to exchange your details with the love of your life while you drive? QR codes will help you share in seconds.


Emojis and GIFs

You can display static emojis and animation images (GIFs)



For Sport Fans ⛹‍♂

Show your love for your team by displaying your badge on Mojipic. Perfect for the journey to the game. Even better for tailgating! Baseball, NFL, NBA, NHL, Soccer and more.


For Fun 

What better way to say thank you to that kind driver who let you out than a smiley emoji? Or use an angry face to tell that tailgater to back off!




Display QR codes to link to your Facebook, Twitter or Instagram.

For Taxi Drivers 

If you drive for Uber, Lyft or any other taxi service, use Mojipic to make it easy for your customers to find you. Display their name on your window.


For Home

Mojipic isn’t just for the car. Use Mojipic to brighten up your home, use it to warn cold callers, criminals or just to celebrate a holiday!

For Business


Use Mojipic to advertise your business as you drive. Or display Mojipic in your shop or café. Use QR codes to share discount vouchers.


  • 6000 Cd outdoor LEDs. 32x32p.


  • 8200 mAh. High-quality Li-Pol rechargeable battery


  • Car Charger. Onboard car power 12V maximum power consumption 4А (At maximum brightness in white)


  • Device: 140x153x27mm 5,5 x 6 x 1 in Mount: 258x54mm 10.1 x 2,1 in
  • Device: 140x153x27mm 5,5 x 6 x 1 in Mount: 258x54mm 10.1 x 2,1 in

Wireless Control

  • BLE 4.0 (Bluetooth Low Energy)


  • Operating Range -25+60c / 13-140F

In Box

  • Mojipic Device
  • Car plag-in (lenth 5 meters)
  • Mount
  • Manual


All Apps features

  • Catalog more than 1500 gifs. We update the catalog every week.
  • Several devices in one app at the same time
  • Drawing in Real-time
  • Drawing! while the device is working, you can draw something and save your image to the catalog.
  • Upload your own design and customize. Upload from URL link or from your phone library
  • Gif maker - create animated videos right in Mojipic App
  • Brightness control
  • Time out control for the device (if connect lost)
  • Glow mode. Constant or ask yourself how many seconds the picture on the device glows.
  • Siri control and Ok Google control
  • Synchronization. If you connected a new device. You can run full device sync. So that the app knows all the settings of the device and the files loaded into it.


Manage Multiple Devices With One App Simultaneously



Easy to Install




Hello, We are Ilya and Igor- the founders of Mojipic.
The idea for Mojipic was a simple one, we wanted to showcase the love for our favorite hockey team 'Pittsburgh Penguins'. We wanted something permanent, something that can be changed or customized easily. The idea soon morphed into what Mojipic is today.

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