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MoboKey CAM Pro

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$150.00 $200.00

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The wait is over!
All New MoboKey is here!

Your Complete Car Access just an App away!


Lock and unlock the car, now just a tap away. No need to carry your car keys anymore!


Remove the hassle of carrying key and use your smartphone to unlock your car. Now you don’t need a remote for your car!

Proximity Lock / Unlock

Auto lock and unlock makes your life easier as your phone will do the work for you and unlock your car for you.


The car will sense the phone and automatically unlock when you approach the car and locks it as soon as you move away!

Remote Start

Start your car remotely. You don't need to be in your car start, a tap on your phone will do. Enjoy key less remote entry & remote starting!


Another amazing feature of Mobokey is that it allows you to remotely start your car. Just tap on your smartphone and start your car! No hassle of using the car keys.

Proximity Start

Your car will automatically start when you are near! The device automatically senses the Bluetooth of the phone and starts at set range.


With Mobokey, your car is smarter than before. Your car starts and stops automatically on Key Start Cars. On Push Button Start Cars it automatically activates/deactivates the button.

Unlock Trunk

Mobokey gives you the complete access as you can unlock the trunk of the car without using the trunk button on the key.


The scope of the control is not limited. Mobokey allows you to unlock the trunk well! If your car has an option of unlocking trunk, it can do it!

Last Parked Location

Use last parked location to check where you parked your car! Never lose your car in large parking spaces.


No need to worry where your car was parked. The app automatically saves the location as you are disconnect from the car!

Your Car is More Secure than Ever!

Starter deactivation

Mobokey allows you to deactivate your vehicle's starter manually.


If you want, you can manually activate and deactivate starter. With the app, user can easily activate/deactivate.

Auto Security

Mobokey also gives you an option of activating Auto Engine Security to secure the car when you are not around!


Mobokey gives the user to auto security. Engine is deactivated as soon as you go away from the car & activates when near!

Multiple Key Encryption

We have added multi-layered protection for your vehicle.


Your car is secure all the time. You do not have to worry about any security threat as your car is protected with multiple keys!

Key Deactivation

Deactivate your car keys with a single tap on the app.


You can switch between the app and key with no problem at all.

Anti-Snatch Mode

Anti Snatch Mode makes sure that your car is secured all time.


In case of a snatching, the car shuts down as soon as the snatcher turns off the smartphone!

Adjustable timer

Adjust the timer for auto engine kill as per your requirements.


You can set the timer for engine security as per your requirement. You can set the time from 10 sec to 100 sec.

Share your car with built-in peer-peer Car Sharing

Multiple Car List

Mobokey allows you to select from the list of vehicles that you have and share them.


With Mobokey, you have the control. You can enter the cars in your list and share!

Access Level

Give the users as much access as you want to give them.


Mobokey allows the user to set & even change the access level that you have granted to a specific user.

Time Allocation

With Mobokey, you can set the time as per the need of your customer.


With Mobokey, you have the access to set and alter time for which the car is being shared to someone.

Shared Car List

See the list of cars shared using Mobokey on your phone.


You can view the cars shared using the app. All the activity is stored in the app and can be viewed easily. This activity can be viewed by the owner anytime.

Shared Cars Location

Car locations are updated after a specified. You track the car as long as it is shared.


You can view the live location of the shared car. Once the car is shared, the location is updated after every minute using the location of the phone!

Extend or Reduce Time

Adjust the timer for your shared car as per your need.

MoboKey (CAM Pro) device is equipped with all the features that MoboKey has to offer. The key features of the device include

MoboKey (CAM Pro) device is equipped with all the features that MoboKey has to offer. The key features of the device include

  • Lock / Unlock
  • Proximity Lock / Unlock
  • Remote App Start / Stop
  • Proximity Start / Stop Activation
  • Trunk Unlock
  • Auto Security
  • Starter / Key Deactivation
  • Long Range upto 350 feet


MoboKey (CAM Pro) offers you all the features to have your car operated through a mobile application


Annual Charges:
The whole system has no recurring or annual charges.

Car Sharing Platform:
The package and app include a free car sharing platform as well.

1 year replaceable warranty.

The package includes the installation material and fitting material. The device comes with both push start and turn key start setups and is compatible with automatic and manual transmissions.
Separate wiring is included for both push start and turn key start setups.
External Antenna and a protection fuse is included in the package.

Device Specifications:

  • Dimensions: 11 cm x 7.5 cm x 2.8 cm
  • Wiring Length: 116 cm
  • Operating Voltage: 9 V – 15 V
  • Operating Temperature: -20°C to 70°C
  • Standby Current: 10 mA
  • Standby Current: 135 mA  (Active Security)
  • Bluetooth Smart v5.0 compatible.
  • Extended Range Bluetooth range up to 350 feet.
  • External Antenna for high range.
  • Pure ABS casing with heat resistant material.
  • Internal relays for smooth operation.
  • External Relays for high current flow
  • Both Turn Key and Push Start (Smart Key) separate wiring
  • CE Certified Device
  • External Fuse for over voltage and short circuit protection
  • Power and operation indication lights
  • Low Power Consumption
  • Immobilizer bypass module not included

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Watch Installation Video: 

How to : Install MoboKey Cam Pro in Turn Key Start Car


This guide will explain the basics of installing the  CAM Pro device in any Turn Key Start Car type. You need to havea proper understanding of car electrical system prior installation. It is highly recommended to install this device through a trained car electrician.

There are two basic car types

  1. Key Start – Cars which require a key to be inserted in the key hole in order to start the car .
  2. Push Start – Cars that are equipped with a smart key remote and a push start button.

This installation guide focuses on cars with Key Start System.




Connect 1 to ground and 2 to a wire coming out of the car’s 12V battery.

Wire 3 should be connected to cars equipped with an electronic trunk release in negative trigger.

Grip 2:

The Black/White wire goes to the engine deactivation relay. This relay is to be attached between the on wires of the ignition switch. The remaining wires of Grip 2 are not connected in a standard installation.



Lock / Unlock Doors:
(Negative Trigger) (Standard Protocol)

The door power window module has a lock/unlock button. This button operates on -ve trigger. You need to find those wires by using a multi meter or car electric circuit tester.

To determine the wires, shift the multi meter to voltage. Connect one end of the multi meter to positive wire, and the other end to different connection points in the door module and press the lock button. The voltmeter would show a reading when the correct lock wire is determined.

Similarly find the unlock wire with same method of connecting the multi meter one by one to the wires and pressing the unlocking button simultaneously.


The grip 3 of the MoboKey module is for lock / unlock and indicators. Connect (10&13) (Pink) to Ground and leave (12&15) (Grey) floating.

Connect 11(Blue) to the locking wire. Connect 14(Blue) to the unlocking wire.

Make sure to check the connections by locking and unlocking it from smartphone app.

There are two possibilities of connecting the wires.

  1. By opening the door trim and connecting MoboKey wires directly to the wires coming out of the power window module grip.
  2. By tracing these wires back to the car column below dashboard on the door side and connecting wires there instead of opening the door trim. This method is highly recommended and is easier to implement in the long run.


Determine the indicator wires by using voltmeter. Turn on right indicator and connect the multimeter, with one end at the ground and the other end to the connectors. The voltmeter will give you a reading on the correct wire. Similarly find the correct wire for the left indicator. Connect (8 & 9) (Yellow)wires form the MoboKey unit to the right and left indicators respectively. You can also connect one yellow wire to the indicator flasher unit.

Remote Start Installation:

First open up cover around the ignition switch. Take out wires of ACC, Power/ON and Start. Some cars have built in relays while others need to attach external relays.

If the internal wiring is of the similar in with to the Grip 4 wiring of the MoboKey device, then no external relays are needed. Cut the wires at the points 1,2,3 and connect them to the points 5,6,7 respectively.

If the internal wiring is thick and similar to the green wires with the relays, then don’t cut the wiring at 1,2,3,4 and connect as shown in the diagram.

If the car has a manual transmission, don’t cut the wire at point 3 in any case and make sure to connect the negative wire of the relay to the negative of handbrake.


Cut the power wire at point 8 as shown in the diagram and connect the two green wires of engine deactivation relay to the both sides.

Immobilizer Bypass:

If the car is equipped with immobilizer you need to bypass the immobilizer system by extracting the chip from the key and placing it near the keyhole receiver of the car in such a manner that immobilizer light doesn’t show up at the starting of the car with the device.


Some cars have similar light as above that shows the presence of the immobilizer system in the car.

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