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Mobile Memo Bat Qi ri

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59.99 $59.99

"Memoirs Qi Lee"

A good idea came up! I want to take notes quickly! 
In such a case, if you launch a memo app on a smartphone each time or put out a memo pad out of your bag, a great idea will disappear. 
Also, it's not enough to use paper notes, such as when you want to take a bit of notes while on the phone. 
There are also such things. 

In such a case, this is the [electronic memo pad mobile battery "Memo bat Qi Lee"]. 
Excellent mobile memory with electronic memo function. 

There is nothing troubling with the memo of this with this!

Resolve troublesome preparing a notepad. I can take notes quickly.

Resolve troublesome preparing Notepad 1

Is not it troublesome to take notes with a smartphone? 
Turn on the power of smartphone, look for memo app, and finally you can take notes .... 
It is very troublesome. 
Also, it is very troublesome to go back and forth between applications when you want to take notes during Line and surfing the net .... 

Even if I use a paper notepad, I do not have a pen when I try to write it. 
I do not have a notepad .... 
Taking notes is surprisingly stressful.

Resolve troublesome preparing a memo pad 2

It is 【electronic memo pad mobile battery "Memo bat Qi Lee"】 to eliminate such dissatisfaction. 

Equipped with electronic memo function and pen on mobile battery! 
It's a mobile battery that you carry with everyday, so you will not forget notepad or pen! 
When you come up with something, leave it out of the bag and write down. 
While charging the smartphone, while using the application, make a note while making a phone call. 
Even such a thing can be done with this "notes Qi Lee".

I can take notes at once

Resolve troublesome preparation of Notepad 3I can take notes at once

I want to take notes while I'm out! 
The phone came while charging the smartphone! I want to take notes! 
Even such a case is okay. This "memo ba Qi Lee" carried with a smartphone plays the role of a notepad. 

When I was asleep, I had a good idea in my dream! 
Even such a case is okay! 
If you put "MemoBuilder Qi Lee" together with a smartphone in the bedside, there is nothing to leak a fancy idea.

Wireless charging, compatible with Qi

Wireless charging, corresponding to Qi 1Wireless charging, corresponding to Qi 2

"Memo batch Qi Lee" corresponds to Qi of wireless charging. 
Charging is possible just by putting Qi compatible equipment. 
You do not need a USB cable for charging.

It's refreshing in the bag with memo bag Qi

It's refreshing in the bag with memo bag Qi

It has a memo pad function, a pen, and supports wireless charging, so you can reduce what you carry. 
Since memo pad, pen, charging cable are unnecessary, when carrying it is OK with only smartphone and "memo pad Qi". 
It is very refreshing when put in a bag.

Satisfactory memo function. Convincing mobile battery performance.

Satisfactory memo function. Convincing mobile battery performance.

Notepad function is also substantial, such as pen pressure feature and can be erased with one touch. 
Since it corresponds to the pen pressure, drawing and graphs can be written as smooth. 

Moreover, it is excellent not only as a memo pad function but also as a wireless mobile battery. 
The output supports not only the standard USB Type-A, but also the latest Type-C. 
You can use it with the latest smartphone. 

Battery capacity of the main unit is 8000 mAh. 
You can charge 3 times for iPhone 6S! 
Moreover, it can output a maximum of 3A at the maximum. High-speed charging is also possible with compatible equipment. 

(You can not use the quick charge function unless it is a compatible cable and terminal.If it is not compatible, it will become normal charge, and Qi corresponds to output of 10 W.)

Size details

Size details


Height 168 × width 88 × thickness 14 (mm)
246 g
8000 mAh / 3.7 V
USB Type-C 
Input & Output
5V / 3A, 9V / 2A, 12V / 1.5A 
USB Type-A output
5 V / 2.4 A, 9 V / 2A, 12 V / 1.5 A
Wireless output
5 W / 7.5 W / 10 W
Input method (input)
Input from USB Type-C connector
Output method (output)
USB Type-A connector, USB Type-C connector, output from wireless output
charging time
Approximately 4-5 hours with the 2.1 A AC adapter
○ Please use it after fully charging at the first use. 
○ The rapid charge function can not be used unless it is a compatible cable and terminal. If it does not correspond, it will be normal charge. 
○ Please do not use, please keep in place to reach the hands of small children. 
○ The thing other than those stated in the content item is not included. 
○ Damage / failure of goods arising in using this product will be excluded from compensation. 
○ Please do not disassemble. 
○ Do not drop it or give it a strong shock. 
○ Store in high temperature / humidity / near fire, please do not use. 
○ If you feel abnormal Please stop using it and contact customer support. 
○ Specifications are subject to change without prior notice for improvement.
Body, pen, USB Type-C cable, Japanese instruction manual
Size: width 122 × depth 34 × height 192 (mm) 
Weight (Including Contents): 391 g
Warranty period
6 months
Release date

※ Specifications are subject to change without prior notice for improvement

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