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Mip Robot

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MiP is the first handheld robot which can be controlled using GestureSense technology, so wherever you move your hand your own little robot buddy will move as well. Push your hand or an object towards him and watch him react – it’s like he can sense you’re there! You can even control him using your smartphone; simply download the app to make your MiP dance, drive, balance, battle and so much more.  

Register your intereset below to find out more about MiP and you’ll also be entered into our competition to win your very own MiP robot.

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Use hand movements to direct your robot to wherever you want it to go.


Set the MiP in tracking mode and watch him follow wherever your hand or leg moves.


Upload a song to the app library, press play and watch your robot move to the beat.


Let your MiP off the leash and let him explore and react to the environment around him.


You can’t teach an old dog new tricks, but you can command your MiP to perform up to 100 different tricks. Anything you can do, MiP can do better.


Block off all exits and watch your MiP try to escape out of him virtual cage.


Stack as many objects as you can on MiP ‘s tray and watch him balance. It’s like a robot version of Jenga!

Has series released as a robot used in the home since 1984, "OMNIBOT (omnibot)" series the latest new ☆ the name is ' HELLO! MIP (Hello! MIP) '! is the independent two-wheeled driving robot moving without falling over while for the MIP has two wheels instead of feet, with the balance control for an inverted pendulum sensor called gyroscopic sensors that calculated always tilt of the body in an unstable state and. Mode switches that turn the wheels by hand, can enjoy the intuitive operation without touching body directly at the infrared sensor on your chest, read the movements of your hands see control modes. By gestures 50. learning mode can recognize movement. And enjoy a further play in that you work so others you will enjoy the amazing seven-balance modes can be forced to carry the luggage to the same as your own weight 350 g (cans juice 1 minutes) comes with tray etc mode is equipped with Bluetooth and install dedicated app on your Smartphone or tablet.
■ mode select 
You can switch modes by turning the wheel. Can play in all seven modes!
■ gesture control 
You can, to manipulate the MiP intuitive movements of the hand. 
■ learning mode 
You can remember motion up to 50 in the MiP. Let's move to the skillful combination move forward, backward, turn!
■ balance mode 
Comes with tray, MiP let let me have so many things! Take the balance well?
Running MIP operation using a dedicated app scratched in finger in the Smartphone and tablet on line as you can, enjoy the authentic feel not so far may be playing your music or dance, to fight in boxing mode, such as future-oriented robot.
■ carrying the sweets and juice cans, delivered 
You can carry a can of juice, such as Smartphone using the remote control instead.
■ dancing to the music in the Smartphone 
And will dance to music in the Smartphone.
■ driving remain painted on the Smartphone! 
It just works exactly as directed.
■ quarrel! Boxing!
You can also shake the body punch to the boxing match.
■ on the iPad will give rice! 
You can give the rice on the Smartphone screen.

The latest omnibot series 

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