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MicroNovelty GIGA Pump - Portable Air Pump

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Quick overview

$32.99 $55.00


Have you ever experienced these situations? 


GIGA Pump is the solution to all these problems!



Lightweight design

Weighs only 160g, GIGA Pump is even smaller than a soda can. Its small size makes it super easy for storage and to carry around.  With its powerful deflation, it helps to save up to 50% of spaces.  GIGA Pump is also suitable to clean keyboards and hard-to-reach cracks.


Super powerful

The flow rate of GIGA Pump can reach 265L/min and the pressure can reach 1.8KPa. It is the perfect tool to bring along when going to the beach in summer; it can quickly inflate and deflate your swimming tube, air mattress, and any other inflatables. With GIGA Pump, you do not have to worry about blowing air with your mouth. 

GIGA Pump is not limited to outdoor use, but also perfect for household use. GIGA Pump is also designed to work with vacuum bag to store spare comforter and out of season clothes. Turn on the deflation switch, it will suck up all the excess air within the vacuum bag quickly.


IPX4 waterproof

GIGA Pump is designed with IPX4 waterproof material, protect itself from water damage.


Made with high-quality materials


Made with solid ABS engineering plastics, GIGA Pump is super durable. After numerous falling tests, it is proved that GIGA Pump still works perfectly after dropping it from 2-meter high. Its hard shell ensures it remains solid when the temperature is below minus 30 degrees.
Incorporated with high-end technology and excellent design gives GIGA Pump the outstanding impermeability.


Long lasting battery

With a built-in lithium battery of 3600mAH, makes it the perfect tool to use in the outdoors. On a single charge, it can inflate 50 swimming tubes, 10 air mattresses, and deflate 20 vacuum bags. Tested by the strictest Korea KC test, it is proved that the battery can inflate up to 500 times and recharge up to 20 million times.





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