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MeniconFit Contact Lens Liquid

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Contact fitting medicine Menicon fit

Features of Menicon Fit

It is a fitting medicine that comfortably supports the wearing of a contact lens gently and lightly.

Keep moisture

【Keep moisture of lens with "Urumoi component" and "Fluffy component"  function! 

 Active ingredient Hypromellose, polyvinyl alcohol (partially saponified product)

I left the lens indoors and compared dry condition * .

 The drying state of the lens is visualized with the indicator liquid which changes to brown when the lens dries.

Menicon fits 
When used, The lens 
Moisture will last.

(Menicon internal data)

Fluffy gentle comfort

【Cushioning effect * relieves the feeling of grueling when attaching the lens! 

 Interaction between active ingredient "hypromellose" and "polyvinyl alcohol (partial saponified product)"

Block dirt on the lens

[Cosmetics Reduce stain adhesion! 

I applied mascara (waterproof) and visualized the adhesion of mascara. 
There are individual differences in how to add dirt ※.

Menicon fits 
If you use it, 
To suppress adhesion of cosmetics (mascara) 
I can expect.

(Menicon internal data)

Can be used for all contact lenses

【Because it is a contact lens manufacturer, not only the kindness to the eyes, 
I also stuck with the lens compatibility. For both hard and soft, color control, 
It can be used for all contact lenses. 

how to use

Menicon fits How to use

Menicon fits 1 to 3 drops of wet contact lens on both sides.

Things to keep in mind

  •  Before using, please read the instruction manual attached to the product carefully and use it correctly.
  •  Please strictly adhere to the prescribed dosage and dose.
  •  Before handling contact lenses, be sure to wash your hands and keep them clean.
  •  Please feel free to consult your doctor, pharmacist or registered dealer as soon as you feel any abnormality.

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