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Megrhythm Steam Face Mask

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15.99 $15.99

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What is Gentle Steam Face Mask? Warm steam relieves your nose and throat

Not a medical device Image for illustrative purposes (actual steam is invisible)

Gentle Steam Face Mask is the only mask in the world * to generate warm steam. Merely opening the pouch will relieve you with warm steam. The inside of the mask gets moisturized. Perfect for bedtime when it's easy to become dry. 

FEATURE 1 The only mask in the world * to generate warm steam

Large amounts of steam moisturizes the inside of the mask. Why not try the world's only * warm steam-generating mask yourself? 
* Based on a survey of a database of mintel products related to commercially-available throat and nose masks which generate their own heat and steam (survey by Kao, June 2018). 

FEATURE 2 Warms up just by opening the pouch

It heats up right right away, so you can use it whenever you are concerned about dryness. Simple and convenient! 

FEATURE 3 Comfortable fit

3D-shape for easy breathing, with soft-touch strings to relieve the strain on your ears.

FEATURE 4 Gentle fragrance

Soothing lavender and mint fragrance to relax you before bed.

When you are worried about colds, cough spray

In the move, in plan, or trains. In hotels, other other accommodation


> It warms up when you open the pouch, so can be used immediately.> Open the mask in the direction of the arrows.> Place over your mouth, and loop the strings around your ears. * This may remove makeup
  • *
    The temperature and the time it remains warm may vary by ambient temperature. In cold rooms it may be difficult to detect warmth. 
  • *
    In certain environments the steam may cause it to swell, but the mask can be used normally. 

LINEUP Choose from 3 fragrant types

Fragrance-free Not a medical device
Gentle fragrance Soothing lavender and mint fragrance to relax you before bed Comforting mellow honey and lemon fragrance Not a medical device

Production of the small size lavender and mint fragrance MegRhythm Gentle Steam Face Mask ends in October 2019. Sales of this
product will finish as soon as all the stock in stores has been sold.

Q & A


Can I use the product while sleeping? 


Yes, you may..., As the mask directly touches your skin, take care if you feel any concerns. 


Can I use the product multiple times a day? 


However, please refrain from using it if you feel anything amiss with your breathing or your skin.


Can I use the product during pregnancy? 


Pregnancy may cause sensitivity to various smells and other stimuli. We recommend that you consult with your physician about using the product. 


Can I use the product on the plane? 


The mask may swell more than usual due to the cabin pressure, but it will not burst. Please carry the product in your hand luggage. 


Can I take the product on board aircraft? 


The mask is not a hazardous item, so you can either take it on board in your carry - on luggage or include it in your check - in luggage. 


Can I send the masks overseas? 


As the masks are not products covered by the United Nations Recommendations on the Transport of Dangerous Goods, they can be sent by post or other international shipping services such as Nittsu Air Freight and FedEx. If you need documentation for this product, please contact Kao Corporation Customer Service at Freedial 0120-165-696 or at jp / soudan / . 


How should I dispose of the product after use? Are the masks combustible or non-combustible? 


Follow the rules prescribed for disposable hand warmers in your area of ​​residence. 

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