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Make a shot - pocket camera

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Quick overview

79.99 $79.99

Angle freed as the camera lens turns all the way.  Pocket-sized full HD compact camera which also becomes a voice recorder

It is a compact camera of a size entering into a pocket that can change the angle of the lens part of the camera freely by 180 degrees.

For this product, you can turn the camera lens by 180 degrees and adjust the angle freely. You can only shoot the front if you put it in your pocket with a normal pocket camera. For example, if you want to take a little bit downward, you have to turn the camera itself all over.

If you can turn this 180 degree camera, you can shoot completely upward while keeping it in your pocket or shoot underneath without moving the main body. Activities such as sports, can also be used for crime prevention and so on.

Movies that can be shot are compatible with 1080P full HD. You can shoot beautiful images at 30 fps. Since it can also be used as a voice recorder, it will also be useful at work. When not used as a camera, it can also be used as a music player. Although it is small, it is a very capable pocket camera.

The camera lens rotates 180 degrees

The camera lens rotates 180 degrees

The most important feature of this camera is that the camera lens part rotates 180 degrees. Since it is possible to adjust the angle freely within 180 degrees, it is possible to shoot at various angles not only directly in front but also directly above and directly behind.

Rotating animation

For example, when you shoot a movie on a bicycle, if you put the camera in the breast pocket, the camera lens will be peeled obliquely downward but if you adjust the angle of the camera lens with this camera, you will shoot the image straight ahead of the bicycle I will be able to do things.

The camera lens rotates 180 degrees

Small but full beautiful shot with HD

Small but full beautiful shot with HD

It is a small pocket size camera, but it is possible to shoot in full HD size of 1080P at maximum. Codec can shoot very beautiful images at Motion-JPG, frame rate 30 fps. You can also set the presence / absence of loop shooting and whether or not time stamp display is displayed. Since it carries a small liquid crystal, it is an excellent one that can easily check the current situation.

It also becomes a voice recorder / music player

It also becomes a voice recorder / music player

In addition to using the camera as a camera, you can use it as a voice recorder, as an MP3 music player. You can record sounds so that you do not hear it when important meetings, usually carry it as a music player, record movies and sounds in the event of recording.

Various usage

Various usage

Since it is a small size, it can be used to record meetings or keep it as a log in addition to wearing it as a wearable camera in the business scene. In addition, it can do various small-sized usage such as security for crime prevention in an unobtrusive place, shooting with pet collars attached.

Size details

Size details


Width 28 × height 94 × depth 15 (mm)
37 g
Body, USB cable (75 cm), cleaning cloth, Japanese manual
Power supply
Charged from USB
Lithium polymer 700 mAh
charging time
About 3 hours
Continuous operation time
Camera: Approximately 4 hours Voice recorder: Approx. 8 hours (Depends on ※ situation)
Recording file
Video: 1920 × 1080, 1280 × 720 30 fps 
1 file with 5 minutes ※ When shooting with 1280 × 720 1 file About 500 MB 
Audio: Bit rate 256 kbps 1 file with 1 hour * 1 file About 100 MB
Recording file format
Video: AVI format Audio: WAV format
Support music file
Recording media
microSD card ~ 32GB (sold separately)
※ Other than those listed are not included. 
※ microSD card is not included. 
* Do not disassemble, repair or remodel it absolutely. 
* Failure such as not being recorded due to compatibility with microSD card may occur. In that case please format the card, change it to another card etc. 
※ There is no waterproof function, impact resistance function. 
※ Please do not use in extreme temperature environment. 
※ Do not do illegal · annoying acts. 
* Data corruption arising in using this product will be excluded from compensation. 
Please keep out of reach of small children ※. 
※ If you feel abnormal heat, stop using it immediately and contact our support.
Package size
Width 90 × height 135 × depth 34 (mm)
Weight (including package)
109 g
Warranty period
12 months
Release date

※ Specifications are subject to change without prior notice for improvement.

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