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MACCHIA LABEL Medicinal clear esthetic

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21.99 $21.99

Skin care while making an eye on skin breathing! The ultimate bare skin beauty with 62% * 4 of beauty essence!

A foundation that extends to skin care while making makeup. Smoothly stretched, it does not disturb skin breathing. Reduce the burden on the skin during makeup, moist and glossy, it is a natural finish that makes the impression of the skin bright and cool.

All day long with beauty essence! Like a daytime cosmetic mask

Five types of collagen and three types of hyaluronic acid reach the stratum corneum of the skin and keep the moisture in the veil of the essence without losing it. So, even after removing makeup, for moist and dusty skin.

Contains plenty of 68 components of beauty essence

※ 7 Make the dried fine lines inconspicuous

Diffuse reflection spots, wrinkles and pores of light are naturally covered with three types of powder!

Achieves light reflection with a refractive index close to the skin with two fine particle powders of large and small size and a lithographic powder with its own gloss. Cover skin trouble naturally without becoming thick coating. It reproduces even gloss and transparency.

Natural finish full of transparency

Mechanism to cover without feeling of thick coating

Five years later and ten years later beautifully additive-free, of course, pursues to skin respiration. Foundation considering the power of the skin

The cells in the skin are also alive. I have the power to be beautiful myself.However, it can not exert its original power unless it contains a damaging component or oxygen. Medicinal Clear Este Veil not only makes it beautiful, but also the skin of the future.

Synthetic perfume Petroleum-based mineral oil Tar-based pigment

Mechanism of skin respiration

In addition, the source of skin damage is thoroughly cut with SPF35 PA +++

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how to use

1.Take an appropriate amount (large ginseng grain size) in your hand, and extend it from the wide area such as the cheek to the outside of the face.

2.The parts that move well, such as eyes and mouth, stretch thinly.

3.In particular, take a small amount with your fingertips and cover them with a touch.

※ Click here for how to use the medicinal clear esthetic puff

See how to use effectively
  •  Apply from a large area such as cheeks, and stretch the rest to small areas. The parts that move well such as eyes and mouth stretch thinly. I think that you can realize the more beautiful finish you can prevent the collapse and yore · unevenness etc by executing the point.
  •  If you are using a medicinal clear estevale puff, put on a foundation and let it light and then stretch it.
  •  If you use a brush, put a foundation on your skin, place the brush vertically and stretch the forehead and cheeks inwards and outwards, the nose up and down, and the jaws on both sides.

Developer's voice

It brings out the natural power of the skin and achieves a beautiful skin. Rika Taniguchi in charge of development

“Medicine clear esthetic” is a cosmetic solution foundation that exhibits skin care functions on the skin, developed not only to cover stains, wrinkles and pores with a natural finish, but also to make sure that makeup does not burden the bare skin. is. Please try the effect that brings out the inherent power of the skin.

* 1 The Clear Este Veil series refers to Clear Este Veel and Medicinal Clear Esthetic.※ 2 Sales results from 2004 to 2017 in liquid or cream foundation, which contains and appeals collagen / coenzyme Q10 / hyaluronic acid components and appeals the essence effect to the original base makeup function (TPC marketing (TPC marketing) Research according to research * 3: “Total Series” refers to the cumulative sales results of “Clear Estever”, “Medicated Whitening Foundation” and “Medicated Clear Estever” as of the end of July 2017. ※ 4 Including purified water.※ 5 October 2016 JIMOS investigation N = 208 people. ※ 6 Whitening is to suppress the formation of melanin and prevent stains and freckles. ※ 7 Make the dried fine lines inconspicuous ※ 8 The illustration is an image. ※ 9 Zinc oxide, titanium oxide ※ 10 Talc, sericite ※ 11 Chile, dust. ※ 12 March 2018 JIMOS investigation N = 50 people

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