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Lully may be able to prevent children from suffering with night terrors, all thanks to not...


Child waking up crying, upset?

Could be night terrors, which affect 1 in 5 families. And now, there is hope.

Lully is scientifically proven to stop night terrors.


Lully is placed underneath your child’s mattress, plugged in, and works immediately.


Answer 4 simple questions and Lully learns your child's night terror pattern. Lully then vibrates before the night terrors (also known as sleep terrors) occur to keep your child out of unhealthy, night-terror-causing sleep.


Lully is nearly silent and can be used in a crib, standard bed, or bunk bed. It's also silent, allowing the whole family to sleep peacefully. 


"There are limited options currently for night terrors, but Lully is very exciting as the first non-medication solution for night terrors sufferers."

- Mark Mahowald, MD
Night terrors expert, Stanford University
Recipient, William C. Dement Lifetime Acheivement Award, American Academy of Sleep Medicine

Scientific Data

LULLY (previously called CAYDIAN during clinical trials)
Night terrors are caused when your child enters an unhealthy stage of deep sleep. Scientific studies on a technique called "scheduled awakenings" have demonstrated that proactively ensuring that your child remains in safe, healthy deep sleep is very effective at preventing a night terror. In fact a series of clinical studies starting back in 1988 have shown a 90% reduction in night terrors with this method.
Lully is designed to bring this clinically-validated, effective technique to the hands of parents. Based on your child's specific sleep patterns Lully uses vibrations, prior to a transition into unhealthy deep sleep, to keep your child in the safe, healthy stage of deep sleep and as a result prevent a night terror.



Lully was tested and validated in a scientific study executed by Stanford-trained clinicians. Children who were suffering from night terrors were enrolled and their baseline night terrors were recorded. Parents were then directed to begin using Lully nightly for a period of 4 weeks.

A sample of the outcomes from 9 children in the study is included below. On average the night terrors were reduced by almost 90%. In some cases the night terrors were completely eliminated!

Lully was co-founded by a physician with advisors from Stanford University (Dr. Shannon Sullivan) and the University of Minnesota (Dr. Mark Mahowald) -- both leading sleep medicine experts.





Place Lully under your child's mattress and pair it with the Lully app.




The App will notify you when it is time to turn on Lully. It is only once a night and is always before 11 PM.




After receiving a notification, go to your child’s room and turn on Lully using the App. Lully will run for 3 minutes. With that you are done for the night!        






Will the waves generated from Lully hurt my child?

No, Lully uses Bluetooth Low Energy (BLE) to communicate periodically to your phone. BLE is roughly 1200 times weaker than most mobile phone radio waves present in most homes today.


Is it FDA approved?

Lully does not require FDA approval. It is not a medical device and it is not intended for use in diagnosis of disease or other conditions, or in the cure, mitigation, treatment, or prevention of disease.


Is this a medical device?



Do I need a Rx for your product?



What about product testing? Have you tested this with babies and kids?

Yes, we have complete extensive testing. However, for children under 2 years old, you should consult a physician before using Lully.






How do I know if this product will work for my child?

Lully has been shown to help 9 out of 10 children sleep soundly through the night. However, if you are not satisfied for any reason, we have a 100% money back guarantee.


I don’t know if my child has night terrors, will this product work?

Lully can help all children sleep through the night. However, it is best for problems that occur at a similar time each night. This can included night terrors, bedwetting, sleepwalking, sleep talking, and many more. However, it may not work in all children. If you are not satisfied for any reason, we have a 100% money back guarantee.





Who should use this product?

Children who act scared or frightened at night, but you are unable to wake them up. These events should happen at similar times each night, or Lully may not work.


Do I use it every night? Forever?

You use the product every night for 4 weeks, then stop. (Don't worry, our app will keep track of this). If the night terrors come back, you may restart using Lully.


What age is this for?

Lully works for any age. If you are under 2 years of age, consult a physician.


What can I expect with my child’s sleep episodes?

They will decrease in frequency and/or they will at least be much less severe (duration and severity).


Does my doctor need to ok my using this product?

If your child is 2 years or younger, you should consult your physician before using Lully. However, you may purchase Lully for any child without a prescription.


How does Lully work?

Lully works by using vibrations to get children into healthier sleep before a night terror would occur. Lully is based on the process of scheduled awakenings.


What type of device do I need for the app?

The app currently works on iOS only. You must have an iPhone, iPad, or iPod touch. If you do not have one of these devices, you can borrow one from a family member or friend for 4 weeks or you can buy one on the Apple Store.


What is the technology behind Lully?

Lully is based on the modality of scheduled awakenings. Many studies have shown that if parents wake their children up every night before a night terror would occur, the events can be prevented. However, this timing is very difficult to predict and no one want to have a fully awake child in the middle of the night. Lully guides parents through this process with our app and ensures that children are never fully awoken -- only briefly brought out of the unhealthy sleep that leads to a night terror.


Can I use Lully with multiple kids?

No, each version will be customized to a specific child based on his/her sleep history.


What if I go into my child’s room to use Lully, and s/he moves without me doing anything?

You should leave the room, and return in 5 minutes. If your child does not move this time, you may use Lully. If your child does move, you are done for the night -- you do not have to use Lully that night.


What if I turn Lully on, and I only see a very small movement like his/her hand move or s/he takes a deep breath?

If you see any change in position or movement in response to Lully, you should turn it off immediately. You are done for the night.


What if my child does not move in response to Lully?

If Lully has been on for 5 minutes, you should turn it off. You are done for the night.


What if my child sleeps in a bed other than his/her own? (i.e. in your bed, in a sibling’s bed, at a friend’s house, at camp, at a sleep over, on vacation, etc.)

You should attempt to avoid these situations during use of the product. If you can’t avoid this situation, and your child has to sleep in another bed, you should setup Lully in that bed and perform the scheduled awakenings as planned.


What if my child sleeps on the floor one night?

You should avoid this situation with your child. However, If your child sleeps on the floor, you should skip using Lully for that night.


What if my child has a brisk response to Lully? Am I hurting my child?

No, you are not. Just remember to turn Lully off as soon as you see any movement in your child.


Will my child sleep less?

No, in fact we notice kid’s sleep better and some actually begin to sleep later in the morning (although we can’t promise this will happen to everyone).


Will this have an effect on bedwetting? Sleep talking? Other awakenings?

Our product helps children sleep through the night. Your child’s bedwetting should not get worse, but you also may not see any improvement.


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