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LOLA Wowables Reusable Paper Towel

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19.99 $19.99


Why are so many previous one-time use paper towel users switching to WOWABLES®?


America loves convenience and one-time use disposable “Big Brand” paper towels are convenient - Heck you just throw them away when you're done. However, once a consumer learns the truth, they realize we pay a price for this convenience - 3,000 tons of toxic, bleached white paper towels are thrown into landfills each day. One-time use disposable paper towels are NOT environmentally friendly, because the vast majority are bleached and leak toxins into the soil while sitting in landfills.  By using WOWABLES®, you are directly helping to lower those 3,000 tons of paper towels that are being dumped into our landfills per day.


We’ve been lulled by “BIG PAPER” into believing disposables are not only convenient but they're also affordable - “For only $2 you get 50 sheets on a roll." But… there is a catch. The average American household of paper towel users spend nearly $200 per year on disposable paper towels with many families spending up to or over $400 per year. So, are they really a great bargain? We don’t think so. More on the big $$ savings of Wowables here.   


  • Save lots of money
  • Make a difference in saving our environment
  • Spend less time at the store shopping and no more 24 packs taking up half your shopping cart
  • Take back your storage space - disposable paper towels take up way too much storage space. With WOWABLES®, one roll is your storage (one roll lasts up to 30 months)
  • End those “I ran out of paper towels” emergencies

WOWABLES® are the first alternative to have “Convenient Reusability” & “Affordable Convenience”.

People are switching by the thousands – and you should too. Start saving lots of money - and our landfills - today!

Wowables - America’s newest innovation in paper towels!


Wowables® are a HIGHLY ENGINEERED product. The inside structure of Wowables® is very similar to that of a natural Sea Sponge: the holes (caves) in between the fibers soak up the water and cause the fibrous material itself to swell. This prevents the water from sloshing right back out of Wowables®. Instead, the water is trapped inside until the Wowables® is forcibly squeezed. Once squeezed the inner holes (caves) are empty and ready to absorb and hold again.

They are made from 70% Wood Pulp & 30% Non-GMO Cotton. We only use safe, all-natural inks making Wowables® 100% biodegradable and compostable.

  • Up to 4x more absorbent than one-time use disposable paper towels - 3rd Party Tested
  • Up to 5x more durable than one-time use disposable paper towels - 3rd Party Tested
  • 2x stronger than bamboo "paper towels"


Wowables® have "affordable convenience." What do we mean by that?

Convenience usually comes at a cost, right? When are things easier and cheaper, especially in the long run?

America LOVES convenience and one-time use paper towels are "convenient" - heck you just throw them away once your done.  However, once a customer learns the truth, they realize we pay a price for this convenience.  We've been lulled into believing they are also affordable.  "For only $2, you get 50 sheets on a roll". But...there is a catch.  The average American household of paper towel users spend nearly $200 per year on disposable paper towels and many families spend up to or over $400 per year.  So, are they REALLY a bargain? No..not at all!


WOWABLES® meet all the criteria for being an environmentally friendly product including:
  • Reusable - of course not throwing out your paper towel after each use helps the environment
  • Biodegradable - there are other resuables like Rags, Cloths, UnPaper towels, and now Bamboo - but none biodegrade like Wowables®
  • Compostable - Wowables® are not only biodegradable but for all you "DIYers", they are compostable as well
  • No Cardboard Core - Wowables® are the first rolled paper towel to be manufactured without the wasteful core
  • Our manufacturing plant also captures, cleans and reuses its own water supply
In the USA alone, our abuse of regular paper towels contributes 3,000 Tons of Waste Daily! - That’s about the weight of 3000 economy cars.
WOWABLES® are made of 70% Wood Pulp and 30% Unbleached non-GMO Cotton, they do not contain any harmful chemicals or substances -unlike Microfiber & Bamboo which both contain synthetics and are not biodegradable as well as regular paper towels,  which are bleached white leading to toxins leaking into our landfills  - our inks are all natural, and like our wood/cotton materials, WOWABLES® meet the stringent Oeko-Tex® Standard.


Naturally Biodegradeable, WOWABLES® Just DISAPPEAR!

Paper towels are killing our landfills 
Unlike Big Paper Towel, WOWABLES® has NO CARDBOARD CORE,
saving more trees & reducing environmental waste
So, let's take a closer look at your other options:
Rags, Cloths, and UnPaper Towels are reusable and that is "good" but they are very inconvenient (as discussed in another section).  But once thrown away, they do not biodegrade and that's TERRIBLE for the environment, so when thrown away they rot in landfills.
If you use newer, disposable "non-bleached" paper towels it's still not eco-friendly as they are still disposable!
If you use "bamboo paper towels" with the belief that they are good for the environment - think again - they do not biodegrade.  They also rot in landfills.
Wowables® are reusable, biodegradable, and compostable - a completely eco-friendly solution.
Wowables® is committed to our global forests.  Lola Products, the maker of Wowables®, donates a portion of Wowables®' sales to support FSC's mission to promote environmentally sound, socially beneficial and economically prosperous management of the world's forests.  FSC certification ensures that forests are responsibly managed and protected for future generations.


Wowables® are the first alternative to disposable paper towels to have "convenient reusability."  What do we mean by that?

Other alternatives, such as rags, cloths, and new "UnPaper" towels are VERY inconvenient - you need to clean them with soap AND water after each wipe.  That's NOT convenient.  But with Wowables®, you simply wipe up any spill, rinse off with just water, everything picked up while cleaning is quickly released and it's ready to go immediately.  That's what we call "convenient reusability."

Paper towels were invented back in 1931 by the largest paper company at the time for one reason - TO MAKE MONEY! And that's fine - it's America after all.  "Big Paper" knew America would love the "convenience" of disposable paper towels. The question is, did they know what the environmental impact would be? Did they know that in 2020 there would be 3,000 tons of toxic, bleached-white paper towels ending up in landfills at a clip of 3,000 tons per day?

One thing we do know is "Big Paper" knew that by being disposable, the revenues would be large. As a matter of fact, American's spend $6 Billion per year on this one-time use product. Wowables® doesn't begrudge a company innovating and making money, but at some point, as the statistics got grim, "Big Paper" could have easily made a "reusable" version, giving people a choice.  All these years later "Big Paper" continues to only manufacture one-time use, flimsy paper towels that are terrible for the environment.

Big Paper does not want Wowables® on the market.  It will cut into their revenue - bottom line.

Wowables® - Your family's BEST FRIEND in cleaning!

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