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Live view astronomical telescope for iPhone

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Quick overview

Live view astronomical telescope for iPhone5 astronomical telescope, iPhone5, observation, live view, month
Do not do I can shoot as it is the month that was seen in the telescope, and thinks 
iPhone5 / iPhone5S / 6 / pPlus to be able to recommend for those users is this [live view astronomical telescope for iPhone5]. 
Into a full-fledged astronomical telescope with a attachment for iPhone5 / 5S / 6 / 6Plus, 
Because it is possible to look at the celestial body at about 100 times the size, clearly visible to the crater of the moon. 
Hog the night sky is a waste! When you set the iPhone at such time, not the views reflected in the astronomical telescope only you alone because iPhone screen is live view, you can enjoy a fellow and family and astronomical observation! 

As of course astronomical telescope, you will be able to observe the celestial bodies. 
Eyepiece is equipped with two types, has been all set what you need to use as astronomical telescope such as erecting lens or prism zenith. 

Product introduction

Good telescope rather look into astronomical telescope + iPhone

Without look into the purposely small hole, it is possible astronomical observation! 
If attached to the telescope to put the iPhone in a dedicated case, iPhone is transformed into a live view. 
You can enjoy the astronomical observation in a comfortable position.

Leave a night sky as seen by the eye to the iPhone!

I'm still can n



Size :Telescope: a diameter of about 95 × length of about 755 (mm) 

           Height: 800 ~ 1260 (mm)

Weight :2226g
Accessories : Body, three tripod legs, three screws for adjustment tripod size, stand, 3 screws for frame, accessories stand, support accessories table, three support fixing screws, cross finder, cross finder stand, finder stand for the screw head 2 number, two body fixing screws, fine movement handle, fine motion handle fixing screws, support fine movement handle, eyepiece (SR4mm, H20mm), 1.5 erecting lens, zenith prism, special case for iPhone5, special case for iPhone6, special case for iPhone6Plus , dedicated lens, 12x telephoto lens, telescope mounting attachment, porch, a special case, a tool, a simple Japanese manual ※ iPhone is not included.
Compatible models :iPhone5 / 5S ※ iPhone5c can not be set in a special case. 
                        iPhone6 / 6Plus
Effective diameter :60mm
Focal distance :700mm
Magnification :SR4mm: normal 175 times / erecting lens when using 262 times 
             H20mm: normal 35 times / erecting lens when using 52-fold  when iPhone set: about 100 times
Notes :Please do not look at the sun directly in astronomical telescope ※.
Package Size: Width 720 × depth 320 × height 120 (mm)
Weight I (including package): 4836g
Warranty period:For a year
Support Information:Manual (PDF)
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※ Specifications are subject to change without notice for improvement.

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