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Line Cutterz Ring - Quick Fishing Line Cutter

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12.95 $12.95

Line Cutterz Ring

Patented Cutting Technology

Line Cutterz introduces a revolutionary ring that will cut fishing line! The dual-sided blade opening takes all guesswork out of snipping fishing line. Simply bring the fishing line to either side of the cutter and the patented cutting slot will cleanly slice through even 100 lb braid.

Line Cutterz Ring Bass

Cleanly Cuts Braid

Line Cutterz is the fishing essential that cuts braid, fluorocarbon, and monofilament like butter. You will never have to search for your line cutting tool, or even reach for it, with the Line Cutterz ring always where you need it.

Ring On Finger

Always On Hand

Line Cutterz is perfect for every type of fishing, especially kayak and night fishing! Great for all types of fishing including surf fishing, chartered fishing and tournament fishing. There has never been a faster, safer, or more convenient fishing line cutting solution.

Line Cutterz Ring Rod

Universally Mountable

The adjustable marine-grade Velcro strap allows the ring to be mounted in a variety of convenient locations. Wear it on your finger or mount it to fishing rod handles, boat rails, or kayak seats.

Night Fishing
Night Fishing

Kayak Fishing - Maybe you are kayak fishing, and you just paddled into a school of fish and the bite is hot. Tie on a new lure and without hesitation cut the tagline off and get your bait out faster which will improve your chances. 

Kayak Fishing
Kayak Fishing

Surf Fishing - Let's say you are surf fishing in a pair of board shorts or a bikini, and you don't want to put a knife in your pocket or clippers around your neck. Cutting heavy test pound monofiliment line or braided nylon line can now be done in a matter of seconds without lugging around extra gear.

Surf Fishing
Surf Fishing

Wade Fishing - Wade fishing is getting more and more popular. With the Line Cutterz ring securely strapped on your finger, you won't drop another pair of clippers into the water.

Wade Fishing
Wade Fishing

Pier Fishing - Pier fishing is a lot of fun but usually means a long walk down to the end of the pier. Reduce the amount of gear you need to haul with you by slipping the Line Cutterz ring on your finger.

Pier Fishing
Pier Fishing

Emergency Releases - Safety is crucial when doing any type of offshore fishing, especially kayak fishing. Hooking up with a big shark can be dangerous and will sometimes require a quick release to ensure safety. The Line Cutterz ring will always be ready to make an emergency cut with the swipe of your hand.

Emergency Shark Release
Emergency Shark Release

Other great uses. . .

  • Great for fishing guides who are constantly cutting their clients' tangles. 
  • Put it on at home or on your boat when rigging your gear before your next outing.
  • Wear it at work when relining reels at your fishing tackle shop.
  • Wonderful tool for the sewing industry.


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