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Levitating Desk Lamp

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99.99 $99.99


The Levitating Lamp is not an illusion. The only thing between the shade and the base is air.

A cleverly camouflaged magnetic disc floats more than an inch above the base and supports the lightweight lamp shade.

The base also houses four computerized electromagnetic coils (making thousands of adjustments per second) in order to maintain levitation even if bumped.

A total of nine cool white LEDs are recessed into the base of the lamp. Six point upwards into the shade and three aim down toward the brushed metal stand. Separate touch-sensitive buttons on the underside of the base control each LED grouping.

Designed for standard US outlets (120V).

For people who like: 
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Features & specs

  • Dimensions: 16.25" x 6" diameter
  • Dimensions (shade): 4.25" x 6" diameter
  • Dimensions (base): 11" x 5.75" diameter
  • Brushed metal stand
  • Separate controls for upper and lower lights
  • 6 upper LEDs
  • 3 lower LEDs
  • Power source : AC

A revolutionary (and floating!) accent light

The remarkably cool Levitating Lamp is no trickery, no illusion. It's all science, baby!

There are magnets in the base of the lamp which repel a magnetic disc that floats about 3cm above the lamp's base. The lamp shade rests upon the floating disc and creates the amazing levitating effect.

Levitating Lamp in a living room.
Add a healthy dose of "dang, that's actually really cool" to any room with the Levitating Lamp.

Auto-magically compensates for minor bumps

The Levitating Lamp works through the magic of magnets. Opposing magnetic fields help levitate a magnetic disc which in turn supports the lamp shade. A set of four electromagnetic coils in the base continuously adjust the magnetic field (over one thousand times per second) to counteract accidental bumps as well as disturbances in the air.

Man displaying how the lamp shade rests on top of a levitating disc.
A series of powerful, computer-controlled electromagnets maintain the lamp's levitation.

Soft white light compliments the high tech design

The Levitating Lamp houses a total of 9 LEDs. Six of them point upward and illuminate the shade. The remaining three LEDs point downward to illuminate the brushed metal stand and its surroundings.

Please note: this accent lamp provides ample illumination for a desk or end table, but it won't fully illuminate an entire room.

The Levitating Lamp features separately controllable upper and lower LED lights.
The Levitating Lamp features two separately controllable groups of LEDs.

Simple controls

The Levitating Lamp is super easy to control. Once plugged in, just tap the two switches on the underside of the base to control the LEDs.

Getting the lamp shade to float is pretty easy, too. You basically hold the magnetic disc a few inches above the base until you feel it being grabbed by the magnetic field. Then, you just let go. Easy! The manufacturers definitely know what they're doing. They've been making levitating gadgets for years.

View of the Levitating Lamp's underside.
Control the upper and lower lights with the light tap of a button.


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