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Leawell Electronic Acupuncture Pen

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69.99 $69.99
Acupuncture pen Leawell
Beep tells meridian with digital
Acupuncture pen pain relief
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Acupuncture pen (Meridian detection and activation device) is based on the meridian theory of low resistance invention. It has many effects such as clearing the meridians, promoting blood circulation, relieve pain and so on. The invention of acupuncture pen achieve a "meridian therapy," which is a major breakthrough in the history of Chinese medicine.


1. Wire inserted into the socket of the acupuncture pen, attached Ashi patch on the hand or legs to form a loop;

2. Holding acupuncture pen, thumb touch with the instrument metal conduction film, tiger mouth touch with  metal conduction film,  touch with the skin upright position;

3. When detect the acupuncture points with continuous beep and display numerical rapidly increase, then press the treatment key for treatment;

4.The same part 3-5 minutes once.

Operation instructions:


Output Intensity: 0-10 mA

Output Intensity Control: ON / OFF, 0 to 10

Sensitivity Adjust Control: 0-10

Frequency Control: Maximum 23 Hz (Adjustable)

Package:1 x Energy Acupuncture Pen1 x Acupressure probe1 x beauty probe1 x charging wire1 x Conductive bar1 x English User Manual


1.Phenomenon like " leakage/Shock " of Massage Pen, is not quality problem, but its working principle.

2. In order to find the points,when detecting the meridian point, do not press the treatment button.

How To Use:

Introduction of various settings to adjust the device: (varying to different skin)

HZ knob:23HZ

SEN knob: “2” (Sensitivity knob set higher, the more Shock feeling you will get)

ON/OFF/ INT: “4” (when detecting the points, if the sensitivity settings too high will result in inaccurate detection)

Operation instructions:

Turn on the switch button, based on the meridian points of human body, for example, we apply some conductive liquid on “Heku” point, with the correct posture to hold the device(Like holding a pen), the other hand holding a conductive rod to form a loop, we put the treatment probe on the skin uprightly, when you hear a continuous beep sound( 2 times per second is nice), indicating that the points have been detected correctly, then press the button to do treatment. There will be a few sh ock feeling, this sense is a phenomenon of PSC.

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