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kSafe - Stay motivated

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What is a kSafe?

kSafe is part of a research proven system that turns temptation into motivation, so you always achieve your goals. Simply place your temptation into kSafe (cookies, TV remote, iPad, etc) and set your goal through the dedicated app. 

kSafe won't open until you've reached your goal. No overrides!

Goals keep us moving, learning, and growing - and reaching them makes us stronger, more confident, and more driven.  

At kSafe, we want people to experience the empowering feeling of achieving your goals, on a regular basis.  

Research has shown that the pursuit of short-term, concrete rewards, is FAR more motivating, but it wasn't until now that this approach could be applied in daily life.

 kSafe is a beautifully designed, research proven tool, that helps you achieve goals by letting you turn what you love into motivation.

You can learn more about the science and research behind kSafe by scrolling to the 'Science' section, below.


How it works

Step 1 - Place something you enjoy in kSafe. Maybe its game controllers, your favorite snack, or your collection of TV remotes. Just find what moves you!  
Step 2 - Set a goal using the kSafe app. The goals can be distance, steps, time, or location based.
Step 3 - Achieve your goal! kSafe will only unlock when you've reached your goal. You can change the goal to make it more difficult before you reach it, but you can never lower the bar. And of course, no overrides! 
kSafe is powered by the things you love, so you always stay motivated. Hit your goal, enjoy your reward, and repeat.

What goals can I set?

The app makes setting goals quick and easy. Right now, there are three different health and fitness goals to choose from:

Activity Goals - set kSafe to unlock after you’ve taken a certain number of steps or burned enough calories. For example, only indulge on cookies on days that you've been really active or gone on a run. You can pair the app with your existing fitness tracker, such as FitBit, or let the app count your steps by itself.

Location Goals - this one's great for the weightlifters or students. Set kSafe to only unlock once you've arrived and checked-in to a location, like a gym or library.

Time Goals - tell kSafe to only open at certain times of the day, week, or month. Or, lock kSafe until a timer expires. This one's great for parenting, cutting back on bad habits, or simply keeping the kitchen closed at night.

Password Lock - If you're in-between goals, putting a timeout on some toys, or protecting some goodies from roommates, you can also use kSafe as a password protected lock box. Lock and unlock kSafe at your will with a customizable pin code.


The kSafe app

Seeing improvement is important to keep us moving forward, so we've designed the app to be fun and engaging as you progress.

The app tracks your current progress and lets you review your past goals, so you can see how far you've come. 

If you're feeling especially strong, you can set the bar even higher by modifying active goals. Don't worry, the app won't let you lower the bar.


Who is kSafe for?

It doesn’t matter if you’re a world class athlete, or you’ve never been to a gym, everyone can use a little extra motivation and willpower.

Want to make sure you're getting your daily dose of exercise? Set kSafe to only unlock on days you've walked a few miles, burned enough calories, or checked-in to the gym.

Keep your snacking on a schedule, by keeping them in kSafe. Let kSafe lock the snacks at night or in-between meals to prevent munching.

Need help staying focused? Put the distractions in kSafe and set it to unlock on the weekend or after you've checked in to the library.

Use kSafe to cut back on the bad habits you’re trying to quit. Setting a time lock is an effective way to control the time between smokes or medication.

Lock and unlock kSafe using a secret password, or throw in the toys and set a timed lock for a few hours. Once it's locked, it will only unlock when the timer reaches zero, so you'll never cave to the little one's begging or whining.



In order for this technology to positively impact and integrate with our lives, it needs to rest in a place where we'll see it and use it everyday. That's why we designed something that would look beautiful in any room.

The button dial and 360 LED ring allows you to quickly check on your progress. Touch the button and if 75% of the ring illuminates, then you're three quarters of the way to reaching your goal.

kSafe is available in three colors, black-opaque, white-opaque, and white-translucent.

From bags of chips and cookies, to TV remotes and iPad minis, kSafe has plenty of room to stow your temptations. 


Now for the science

kSafe crams years of willpower and behavioral research from MIT, Harvard, Yale, Stanford, and Princeton in to a fun, effective, and easy to use product. The two major concepts at play are pre-commitment and reward substitution.


If you've ever moved your alarm clock away from your bed so you can't reach the snooze button in the morning, you've practiced pre-commitment.

Pre-commitment is the idea of committing to a smart choice early, when you know you'll be tempted by a bad choice later.

Reward substitution 

Have you ever worked extra hard to finish something so that you could go out with friends later?

This is an example of reward substitution. Even though making your boss happy or acing a test has more long term benefits, it's wanting that beer with our friends that motivates us to finish.

Both of these concepts have been thoroughly researched and tested and they are consistently shown to improve our chances of reaching our goals. If you’re interested in this, here is a great TED Talk on the subject.


  • November 2014 - Prototype electronics and plastics built
  • March - Launch Kickstarter
  • April - Kickoff DVT (Design Verification Testing)
  • July - Start tooling
  • August - Kickoff PVT (Production Verification Testing)
  • November - Ship initial units to backers

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