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Kobayashi Atnon Pimples After Care Gel

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アットノン ニキビあとケアジェル

アットノン ニキビあとケアジェル3つの特徴

Mechanisms of care after acne

After acne, the stain that is conspicuously worried about

After the cancer, inflammation, such as irritation, promotes the production of melanin, prone to stains.

そうなる前に アットノン ニキビあとケアジェル

Mechanism of care gel after acne

The three active ingredients prevent the stain after acne, which is noticeable and noticeable.


1 Reduce melanin
production and prevent stains and freckles.

Plus one for everyday skin care!

Add care gel after atnon acne in front of lotion after washing your face! After that, let's do the usual skin care such as lotion and milky lotion.

It prevents stains by properly care after acne has healed.

Reduces melanin production and prevents blemishes and freckles

Atnon Pimples After Care Gel

アットノン ニキビあとケアジェル

After pimples that are conspicuously noticeable and worried about stainsPreventing

Reduces melanin production and prevents stains and freckles

Product Features

  • You can take care of your skin after acne, which is noticeable and noticeable.
  • Prevents stains and freckles by suppressing melanin production
  • It is a medicinal gel that is easy to get used to.

This product does not thin the unevenness of acne marks.


Active ingredient L-ascorbic acid 2-glucosid, heparan analogue, dikalemia glycyrrhizinate, tocopherol acetate ester, isopropyl methylphenols
Other Ingredients

Glycosyltrehalose-aqueous starch solution mixed solution, agetz extract, artichok extract, ubak extract, oil-soluble lugic acid extract (2), alpinia katsumadai seed extract, erythritol, pentylene glycol, BG, acrylic acid and metacrylate alkyl copolymer, carboxyvinyl polymer, methylpolysiloxan, crosslinked methyl polysiloxan, Anhydrous silicate, phenoxyethanol, EDTA-2Na, hydroxide K, citric acid, sodium citrate, POE-POP decyldetradecyl ether, N-acetyl-L-hydroxyproline, hydroxypropyl methylcellulose, purified water


Skin, that's sex. Prevents ases, thymus, cracks, akagile, and cracks. Oily skin. Prevent razors. Suppresses melanin production and prevents stains and freckles. Prevent hot water after the day and snow. It tightens the skin. Cleanses the skin. They put their skin in order Keep the skin healthy. they give a good touch of the skin


  • Take an appropriate amount in your hand and apply it to the area you are concerned about.
  • Do not press the tube strongly at the time of opening because there is a possibility that the contents pop out.

Cautions for use

  • 1. Please be careful not to cause any abnormalities on your skin. When it does not fit your skin, i.e. in the following cases, please discontinue use. Since it may worsen the symptoms if you continue
    to use it as it is, please consult a skin specialist, etc. (1) during use, redness, peeling, itching, irritation, color missing
    (white spots, etc.) and if an abnormality such as darkness appears (2) on the skin used, if an abnormality as described above appears exposed to direct sunlight
  • 2. Do not use in places where there is an abnormality in your skin, such as scratches, sleas, eczema, etc.
  • 3. When it enters your eyes, rinse immediately.
  • 4. Precautions for storage and
    handling (1) Please close
    the lid firmly after use (2) Please keep it out of reach of infants
    (3) Do not place it in places where it is extremely hot or cold or exposed to direct sunlight.

Disposal method

Disposal should be in accordance with the classification of the municipality.

Packaging materials and materialsDisposal segment
Tube Metal
Cap Plastic
Buffering material Please follow the classification of local governments for paper disposal.
Individual box Please follow the classification of local governments for paper disposal.
[Content] Product Information: Please refer to the Ingredients column. The remaining contents are made to be smoked or wrapped in newspaper, etc. to general garbage.

Note: "General garbage" is expressed differently depending on each municipality, such as "burning garbage" and "home garbage", so please consult with our customer consultation office or each municipality.

About the disposal of seding

  • The cap is plastic and the tube is metal.
    The plastic attached to the tube has a structure that cannot be removed to prevent contamination of the content liquid. Do not force the tube to be disposed of as metal or non-combustible waste according to the instructions of each municipality.


배송/통관 | 일본구매대행쇼핑몰 재팬토모

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