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KMJ diatomaceous earth bath mat

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KMJ high-quality diato

maceous earth bath mat Bath mat Slender Natural material Quick-drying comfortable Anti-bacterial and mildew-proof tick Washing unnecessary Fall-prevention type With warranty

Benefits of using diatomaceous earth bath mats

  • Point 1 → excellent water absorption
  • The diatomaceous earth content is more than 70%, the water absorption power is particularly excellent, and it dries in a minimum of only about 10 seconds.
  • It can be used comfortably without stress, even in homes with many families or when taking a bath in succession.
  • Wet and cold ... Goodbye to such an uncomfortable bath mat!
  • Point 2 → Physical anti-bacterial mite
  • Diatomaceous earth, as a fossil soil, has no place where bacteria and mold are generated unlike fibers, etc., and there is no place where mites etc. live because there is no fiber hair like cloth.
  • Above all, the surface of the bath mat is always kept dry to release the absorbed water spontaneously.
  • Always safe to use, safe for small children!
  • Point 3 → No need to wash
  • Thanks to its antibacterial and anti-mite effect, diatomaceous earth bath mats and bath mats do not need to be washed or dried.
  • It can be used safely even when the laundry is hard to dry, such as during the rainy season or winter.
  • This "washing effort" can be completely omitted, so it is really recommended for those who want to reduce their housework a little or who are troublesome!

In addition, KMJ's diatomaceous earth bath mat design is here ↓

  • Point 4 → peace of mind feeling
  • This product has already been tested for ingredients by the international inspection organization SGS!
  • It has been proven that it does not contain any harmful substances such as asbestos.
  • Unlike inferior products such as "Water absorbing power decreases over time" and "The product itself emits a bad smell", our diatomaceous earth mats and bath mats can be used safely even in families with children.
  • Point 5 → Safety
  • Studies show that falls in the bathroom are more frequent, especially with children and the elderly.
  • For this reason, we consider the safety of our customers first, and we will prepare a single non-slip sheet after both sides of the bath mat are non-slip processed.
  • Children of the "Bath mat crossing sprint" and elderly people with weak feet do not worry about the safe use of their families!
  • Your favorite floor can be protected with a soft, non-slip sheet.

What is diatomite in the first place?

Diatomaceous earth (diatomaceous earth) is a natural mineral that fossilized from ancient phytoplankton (diatoms) deposited on the sea floor and lake bottom for many years.
Diatomaceous earth grown by nature is also used for ceilings and wall materials, etc., and has the function of “humidity control” that repeatedly absorbs and releases moisture.

Product specifications

Product name : KMJ quick-drying mite diatomaceous earth bath mat Bath mat

Material : diatomaceous earth (main component), plant fiber, etc.

Size : about 60cm (width) x 39cm (length) x 0.9cm (thickness)

Color : marble

Body weight : about 1.8KG

Load capacity : about 120 kg

Accessories : sandpaper (for maintenance), one non-slip sheet (for fall prevention), Japanese instruction manual


  • KMJ diatomaceous earth bath mats and bath mats can be washed with water or with detergent. However, it can last longer if you do not use it very often due to its nature. Routine care is enough to wipe off dirt with a shade or a wet towel.
  • KMJ diatomaceous earth bath mats and bath mats have four non-slip sheets as accessories. To prevent falling accidents, use a non-slip sheet under the mat bottom before use.
  • This product package has a detailed Japanese instruction manual, so please check it before using it for the first time. Please feel free to contact us if you have any questions.

Quality assurance and service

  • KMJ's diatomaceous earth bath mat is durable and beautifully wrapped, making it a perfect gift for family and friends.
  • Our products come with a one-year warranty and a seven-day unconditional refund service. In the case of defective individuals, replacements can be resent or full refund is possible even after opening and using (usually no return is required).
  • Please feel free to contact us because we have a 24-hour seller email service. (Please contact and contact form via Amazon only. Please pay attention to suspicious mail addresses.)

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