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Kings Body Pillow

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87.99 $87.99

A woman is sleeping with the King's holding pillow

Happy sleeping while hugging ♪ Holding pillow with a magical feel that has never existed

"King's Body Pillow" is a pillow that embraces a gentle embrace that you want to embrace casually. It is soft but firmly supports the body with unique elasticity / restoring power. Try embracing the support of sideways sleep ♪ Embrace with your feet ♪ "King's Holding Pillow" will support our sleep and healing.

I am picking a super-small bead's holding pillow by hand

The King's Body Pillow is "Fluffy Menumuneu" Soft Image

I am picking a super-small bead's holding pillow by hand
I am picking a super-small bead's holding pillow by hand

The secret of the king series is in the medium material ! 
Mixed material of "ultra-small beads" + "polyester wadow"

By blending fluffy soft pleasant "ultra-small beads" and "polyester wadow" with an exquisite balance, we realized a distinctive new feel that is characteristic of the King series.

Because it is excellent in resilience and restoring power, it freely deforms according to your body and supports your body firmly.

The King Series will support our sleep and health.

Mixed material of super minimal beads and polyester wad of the King series

Ultra-small beads Four points

Point 1 
New feel of healing palm

Menu Fuwa 's comfortable feeling, showing the effect of relieving our mind. We will provide support to deep sleep.

Point 2 
Liquidity and elasticity

The ultra-small beads excellent in fluidity and the mixed material of polyester cotton with excellent elasticity fit gently to any body type and sleeping posture of those using it. You can experience a pleasant sleep.

Point 3 
Durability and resilience

The diameter of ultra-small beads of the King series is about 0.5 mm. We are devising a design that makes it difficult for the magnification of compression strength to be difficult.There is also resilience, but it is soft but it supports the body firmly.

Point 4 
Excellent body pressure dispersibility

Accept the sunken head and body on a flat surface. Therefore, you can disperse the pressure on your body at bedtime and get a good quality sleep.
Ultra-small beads are very soft materials with flexibility. So I can do such a thing ↓

I am holding a super-small bead pillow by hand

"King's Body Pillow" exclusive cover is 16 kinds

16 kinds of exclusive covers for the King's pillow are prepared so that you can choose according to the atmosphere and preference of the room.

I am holding a super-small bead pillow by hand
I am holding a super-small bead pillow by hand

Pillow body can also be washed with water

The King's pillow can be washed as well as cover as well as the cover. You can use it anytime for cleanliness and hygiene. 
※ When washing the body of the pillow, do not use the washing machine, please be sure to wash your hands. 
※ When washing the main body, it takes about 1 week to fully dry the pillow, so partial wash is recommended.

Product Summary

  • Product name: King's Body Pillow (with cover only)
  • Inside material: 100% polyester (with polystyrene beads)
  • Side fabric: 85% polyester, 15% polyurethane
  • size:
    • Standard size (M): Approximately width 30 × length 110 × thickness 17 to 20 cm (waistline about 67 cm)
    • L size: about width 35 × length 135 × thickness 20 - 23 cm (waistline about 75 cm)
    • S size: about width 20 × length 100 × thickness 13 to 16 cm (waistline about 60 cm)
    • Junior size: About width 23 × length 90 × thickness 15 - 17 cm (waistline about 60 cm)
  • Cover Material:
    • 90% cotton, 10% polyurethane
    • Cool Blue: 100% polyester (Toyobo dry ice ® ​​material used 35%)
    • Men's black: 50% of cotton, 28% of polyester, 22% of rayon (SANDIRE ®) ※ photocatalyst sandire® reversible mesh used
    • Women's: 100% cotton (skin care processed) * Squalane, marine collagen, undecylenic acid monoglyceride compounded fabric
  • Color: 16 colors
  • weight:
    • Standard size (M): Approximately 1,100 g (body only)
    • L size: about 1,650 g (body only)
    • S size: about 850 g (body only)
    • Junior size: about 700 g (body only)
  • Production: Made in Japan

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